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Yoast SEO vs Rank math SEO

Do you blog…? Well, if you do, I bet you use WordPress because undoubtedly it’s the biggest and the best blogging platform available now, and it’s free too. So, do you write your blog post and publish it right away…? If you do so, your post might not get as much the users’ attention as you expected it to get.

To gain the users’ attention and drive as much traffic as needed to your blog, you need to optimize your blog post using some optimization techniques. So, How do you do that..?

Optimization of your blog post through SEO plugins

Now, there’s one hassle-free and straightforward way to optimize your blog post. That is an SEO plugin. You can make all the necessary on-page changes. You watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube about SEO Optimizations. You do this and that and whatever you know.

But you know what…, SEO is straightforward these days, especially if you have a WordPress blog. All you need to do is install an SEO Plugin that suits best your blog from the Plugin section within your WordPress blog, and it does all the hard work for you.

Various Plugins available for WordPress

With this many Plugins available for your WordPress blog, it is natural for you to get confused in selecting the best one for your blog. Some of the famous Plugins are:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rankmath
  • WPforms
  • MonsterInsights
  • Constant Contact
  • OptinMonster
  • Sucuri
  • UpdraftPlus
  • WP Rocket
  • Beaver Builder

Although there are many SEO Plugins, there are just two or three Plugins that the users use the most. Now, we’ll discuss two famous SEO Plugins, between which most of the users get confused. They are Yoast SEO and Rankmath.

Yoast SEO vs. Rank math

About the Plugins

Yoast SEO has been the ruler in its field for a long time. More than 5M+ WordPress users use Yoast SEO as of now. It offers a lot of cool features to optimize your WordPress blog. It comes in both free and premium versions. Although the basic understanding covers most of the necessities, you will need the premium version to optimize the experience.

Rank math SEO is a new competitor in the field of SEO Plugins. Though it is unique, it offers many features as the remaining and even more in some sections. Moreover, whatever the features provided by Rank math SEO is free of cost.

Analysis and Content Optimization

Both the Rank math and Yoast Plugins are elementary to set up. Once you install them from the Plugin section of your WordPress, you can quickly complete the setup process within minutes. Also, The tools that are offered by Yoast and Rank math are almost the same. Both the Plugins have a lot of tools like Keyword focusing, SEO scores, Readability analysis, etc.,

But some of the features like Redirect manager, Internal Linking, Social Previews, etc., can be accessed through the Premium version of Yoast. In contrast, you can get all these in Rank math for free.

Yoast Vs. Rank Math — Performance Replies

Discussing the operation, we aren’t quite sure since it’s a technical expression. However, RankMath asserts itself as an extremely lightweight, quick, sufficient, and well-coded. On the flip side, the launch of variation 14.0 of all Yoast SEO presents a brand new feature known as’Indexables’ that boosts your website’s operation, making it quicker. Yoast SEO suggests your pages and put the date in One table on your database with this attribute.

As an individual, you don’t think the difference in this circumstance.

Yoast Vs. Rank Math — prices

Discussing the pricing of both of these plugins, RankMath is free from today. At the same time, Yoast SEO is freemium, which means that you must cover to find access to a number of its attributes. Rank Math can go in the full version after some time, but now, you may enjoy whole fledge characteristics at no cost.

Yoast Vs. Rank Math — Google Hunt Console Integration

If it comes in Seach Console integration, Rank Math makes it considerably more straightforward. You’re able to incorporate the Seach Console through the installation procedure. All you need to do is enter and confirm your Gmail accounts. It’ll fetch the related Search Console information on your WordPress dashboard.

Yoast SEO also lets you incorporate the search bar. However, it doesn’t offer a port where you can understand your search bar files straight.

Yoast Vs. Rank Math — XML Sitemap Integration

A Sitemap document a significant part of a site once it comes to indexing. Without a place, your website cannot be enticed by Google’s crawler. The two Yoast and Rank Math SEO plugins create the site of your site automatically. The URL of this site will differ for both plugins, so that doesn’t affect the website. You can create a custom site in the plugins once individual post kinds can be found on your website, for example, information site, picture site, etc.

Yoast Vs. Rank Math — Upgrades

Rank Math brings upgrades more often compared to Yoast SEO. And you’re able to deem these regular upgrades in just two ways — Rank Math is too uncompetitive and has a lot of bugs and trouble reporting. Also, it’s hoping to develop too quickly. Rank Math interrupts their routine updates by stating they are attempting to continue with Google’s upgrades and calculations change. By way of instance, they instantly introduced new Schema Markups following Google’s upgrade. They eliminated the readability choices after the BERT upgrade came.


Yoast – Rank math overview

Below are the reports of Yoast SEO and Rank math SEO as per Rank math.

Customer Care Services

As Rank math is a new emerging firm, the support provided by them is excellent. They are even available for 24*7 help also. In terms of customer support, there’s nothing to complain about it.

When it comes to Yoast, if you demand a 24*7 support, you must upgrade to the premium version. The free version doesn’t offer you 24*7 customer support, which is not so good.

Comparison of some critical features

Focus Keywords

Undoubtedly, Keywords play an essential role in your SEO. It is vital to repeat the focus keyword in your blog post to make it to the top of the search results. Coming to the Yoast SEO, which has a Focus Keyword feature, we can easily track our Focus Keyword in the blog post.

Rank math SEO goes further ahead of Yoast SEO by letting the user keep track of up to 5 Focus Keywords simultaneously, which is a great thing. You no longer need to limit your blog post to a single focus keyword. You can focus on up to 5 keywords related to your context. In turn, your blog’s chances to appear on the top of the search results increases significantly.

Google Keyword Suggestions

As you can see in the above picture, while choosing the keywords, the Rank math suggests the best Keyword suitable for your blog. It means the keywords which are more searched and, in turn, bring more traffic to your website.

Yoast SEO did not employ this feature even in its premium version. Suppose you wanted to know about the most searched keywords, you had to go through some third-party tools like Ahrefs keyword explorer. So, with the new Rank math SEO, you can get it done without all that hassle.

Detailed SEO scores

As you can observe, when it comes to the SEO score, Rank math is more detailed as it gives you a score between 0 to 100.

Whereas Yoast gives the three indicators as the SEO score: low, ok, and useful. It is becoming somewhat difficult to analyze based on the three hands only.

Integrated Schema

One of the most crucial website matrices you need to have is Schema. If you are using Yoast SEO, you need to install another plugin to enable rich snippets and star rating within SERP results. Some plugins, like WP Rich Snippets, can be used for this purpose. But most of the plugins in this domain are premium.

Fortunately, Rank math came up with integrated Schema within it, which means you no longer need to employ another plugin for your blog. Most importantly, you no longer need to pay for rich snippets and stuff.

Redirect manager

Redirect manager is the feature of the Yoast SEO premium version. It is used to redirect all the broken links, which display a 404 error message, which significantly reduces the traffic for your website. As it was a premium feature, you had to install some other plugins for your blog just for Redirect manager.

Thankfully, Rank math offers this feature for free. That means you can handle the broken links from the Rank math itself.

Role manager

Have you ever seen a blog consists of posts written by many authors…? If you have, you might have wondered how they manage each author’s role and his standing in the blog. Unfortunately, with Yoast SEO, there was no such feature of Role manager for multiple authors. Again the users had to use an additional plugin for this purpose…!!!

But with the arrival of the new Rank math SEO plugin, which offers the feature of Role manager for multiple authors inbuilt. It became much easier to manage different authors of the same blog.


As Yoast is a well-established company in its domain, you don’t find as many bugs as you do on Rank math. Since Rank math is a newborn baby, it is expected that there are some bugs in it. But I’m pretty sure that with its excellent customer support services, Rank math will be able to keep track of its bugs and clear them in the meantime.

Coming soon features in Rank math

According to the official website of Rank math, Rank math is going to offer some cool features. That we’re not in any other plugins in its newer versions. They are:

Email Ranking Report

Rank math is going to add the feature of the email ranking report in its next update. Just imagine receiving email alerts from an SEO plugin that guides you about the improvements. That needs to be done to better rank your website in the search results…, Cool isn’t it…?

This new feature in the Rank math will enable you to manage and create internal links without much effort and grow your traffic to the most important pages.

Final Verdict

If you want to get all the cool tools to optimize your blog free, then Rank math is the best choice for you. It is just an analysis of the two famous SEO Plugins. I wrote this based on my usage experiences only, and I tried not to show any bias in writing about the two plugins. If you got something to say, then feel free to comment in the comment section.


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