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What Does {Obj} Mean In Text Messages?

Have you ever received a text message with an obj symbol? You must have needed clarification.

Also, have you ever wondered about the fact that what does {obj} mean in text messages? You will get the complete answer to this big question in this article.

Obj is a text message program displayed when the user cannot read what is transmitted in the message.

What is the meaning of OBJ In A Dotted Box In Texting? 

OBJ in a Dotted Box in Texting is commonly recognized as {obj}. In {obj} programs, reflect the replacement characters in a dotted box in text messages.

Usually, an OBJ in a dotted box indicates your device that can read a specific Emoji. This scenario can be achieved in various texting apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messages.

Every device has its language, which is termed as Unicode. Unicode is an international encoding system that assigns each character an individual number value. With the help of this system, the devices can encode these characters.

Unicode is utilized by smartphones to communicate with each other universally despite having similar operating systems.

Everything reflected over the screen of the smartphone is read as an object.

Suppose there is a situation in which the device or the smartphone cannot read a specific object. In that case, it will display {obj} as a Unicode object replacement character for that particular object.

Sometimes, this situation can occur due to the failure of the particular messaging software, potentially caused by several different issues.

In case of the requirement of the upgradation, the situation may also rise. Also, this may occur if you receive an object from a device that does not use the same operating system as yours.

For instance, an Apple device receives a text from an Android device with a specific emoji that your iPhone’s operating system (iOS) does not support.

It may display the object replacement character in a dashed box or a blank rectangle.

Text messaging systems are not the only programs that display OBJs.Other applications, including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and more, also show the same.

How Do We Get Rid Of {Obj}?

After understanding the complete meaning of obj, one must be curious to find a way to get rid of it and see the original object sent.

Luckily, there are three ways that you can try to fix this error on your device and get rid of the {obj} symbol:

1. Update Your Software

When the smartphone’s software/operating system is not updated to the latest version, specific device applications display the {obj} symbol.

To eliminate and resolve this concern, one must constantly update the device’s software to the latest version.

This will not only prevent {obj} errors, but software updates will also fix other bugs. Along with this, the installation of new features and improvisation of the general functioning of your device will also take place.

No matter  whether you are an owner of an Apple or Android device, all you have to do to update your device’s software by following the below-mentioned steps:

Visit your device’s Settings and go to the ‘Software Update’ section.

1.           Click “Download and install“

After updating the device’s software, if you are still facing the{obj} error, it’s time to try the next step that is mentioned below:

2.            Update Your Apps

If the smartphone is not the owner of the latest version of the messaging apps, the reason behind the {obj} symbol being displayed.

To fix this, all you need to do is to ensure that all your apps are updated.

The applications included under the category are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more. Updating your apps will also bring new features, bug fixes, and more.

Here are the steps that need to be followed to update the apps on your device:

•            Open the Play Store/App Store on your device

•            Click on Your Account.

•            Select the ‘Update All’ option to initiate updating all the apps on your device.

•            Click ‘Update’ on a specific app listed to update that app

If this step has also failed and your device still displays {obj}, you can try our third recommended step to eliminate this error.

3.            Install an Emoji Keyboard App

Another common reason your device displays {obj} specifically in text messages is the excessive usage of the Emoji keyboard.

This can occur as certain users may send you an Emoji from a later version of the keyboard, and your device will not be able to interpret it because it does not have that version.

This is one of the significant fixing steps. Updating the Emoji keyboard app or downloading an Emoji keyboard on the device if it already takes place.

Final Thoughts On {Obj} Symbol In Text Messages:

Object replacement characters, {obj}, or OBJ in a dotted box are placeholders of objects that your device cannot interpret.

There are various potential reasons why the devices display these messages:

•            Un-updated Software.

•            Messaging apps that are not updated.

Fortunately, this step can quickly fix these above issues and eliminate the {obj} symbols.

Notably, it’s good to try each solution mentioned when the device reflects this error.


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