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Using the Value Proposition Canvas to Generate SEO Content Ideas

Undoubtedly the Value Proposition Canvas is a powerful tool and is especially designed to help businesses in creating value for their customers. It has been traditionally used for developing products or services. Now it can generate content ideas and with a focus on SEO.

The Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) was developed by Dr. Alexander Osterwalder. His idea was to help businesses ensure that their products and services meet customer needs. It is segregated as the Value Proposition and the Customer Segment. The first one includes Products and Services, Gain Creators and Pain Relievers. These basically focus on what you offer and of course how it improves the customer’s life. The second section covers Gains, Customer Jobs and Pains. It basically details what the customer wants to achieve and simultaneously the tasks they are trying to complete. With these the businesses can gain a better understanding of their the needs of their customers and hence create more effective solutions.

For SEO and content marketing, it helps in guiding the creation of valuable, people-first content. It is suggested to start by identifying your customer segments and thereafter think about who they are as well as what they are trying to achieve. Simply consider their problems and the kind of information they are searching for. Once done, it is important to map out your content by focusing on customer jobs, pains and gains. Create content that helps customers achieve their tasks, solve their problems and gain the benefits that they seek for. By aligning the content topics with customer needs, you ensure that your content addresses their pains and helps them achieve their goals.

Even though the social media and AI have gained immense popularity lately, Google still remains the primary source of website traffic. It accounts for up to 70% of referral traffic. Social networks contribute much less and this is the reason it is important to focus more on SEO efforts. It is also important to distinguish between strategy and tactics in SEO. Strategy basically refers to long-term goals and ideas. Tactics are the short-term actions taken to achieve the strategic goals.


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