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Unleashing the Power of Blazing Fast Web Hosting – A2Hosting Review

What is a Hosting Server?

Every website needs a virtual space to be hosted on and a web hosting server does exactly that for you. It is a virtual space that securely holds on online most of a website’s date for its viewers to view them. 

If you’re someone who is trying to create an online presence. A website plays a very important part in the process of doing so.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Server

Creating a website that is fast and reliable requires an efficient host server, therefore choosing the right server can be a game changer for you and your business motives. 

But these days, there are way too many server options to choose from and finding the most reliable one can seem as hard as searching for a pin in the grass. 

There are a lot of factors when choosing the right web hosting server for yourself. You go for a free site or a paid one, the features that you’ll be provided with will differ with your choice.

What Server Would I recommend and Why?

Obviously if you’re investing your money into a website it should do the work right!

In my opinion, A2Hosting web hosting server and services happens to be a really good one. It comes with reasonable plans with the right benefits. It not only hosts your website but also comes with a bunch of helpful services. 

Why Choose A2Hosting?

The coolest part about A2Hosting is that they have various discounts and offers for you to choose from. They have segregated the plans very clearly for you to assess through them and decide as per your needs. 

Before you dive into any decision making, how about you go through the plans listed in A2Hosting and have a thorough understanding of how the listed features will affect your website. 

Even though a free website can do the work it won’t be sufficient. If you’re looking upto a proficient and well functioning website, you’d rather opt for more professional and value adding features. 

Plan A : The Start-Up Plan 

This plan, under A2 Hosting services include three divisions a three year plan, an yearly plan and a monthly plan. These plans come, with varying discounts on them. The prices for each range differently and you can choose which is the best for you as per your pocket. 

One of the best parts about these plans is, A2Hosting doesn’t alter the features available with a change in price range. 

The three year plan – originally priced Rs. 803.98, with a discount of 72% comes down to Rs. 218. 

The one year Plan – yet again, the one year plan which was originally quoted Rs.803.98 with a 36% discount comes to Rs.511.36 

The monthly plan – has no discount on it and is priced Rs.803.98

All these plans have no variation in them. They have standard services for all the plans so you can pay according to your pocket limits and website needs without compromising on any of the packaged services. The package holds 1 website, 100 Gb SSD, free & easy site migration and a money back guarantee.

But then What Exactly is SSD and Site Migration?

While making a decision it is obvious you will require a detailed understanding of the services being availed to you. Which is why, in this article I will try to fit in every relevant detail so that you can have most of your questions answered at one place itself. 

SSD or Solid-state Drive 

Solid-state drive or SSD is a PC storage that’s faster than a hard drive. SSD is capable of reading and writing data much faster than a hard-drive. This ability to faster read and write helps a website function with higher efficiency. It helps a website load faster along with the random read and write activities found in a typical server environment. An SSD helps improve your web browsing. As you open new task files, the ssd will help speed the process up while also helping windows access its virtual memory file. Therefore, in all it is pretty beneficial to your website. 

Site Migration 

Wrong site migration can adversely affect your site ranking. Which is why it is so important. Basically website migration, moves all your old web pages to new pages. It is done with the intention to reduce any negative impact on your rankings, or negative causes due to change in site. 

Plan B :   The Drive

Very different from the ‘start-up’ plan, this deal comes with unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, yet again free and easy site migration and added free automatic backups. This too, is divided into three years  (60%off), yearly (30%off) and a monthly plan. It includes key features of – unlimited email accounts, unlimited transfer, easyCpanel control etc. The reason why I like this hosting server is because beyond the basics they also have many growth features. Which makes the products absolutely worth your time. 

Plan C : Turbo Boost

This plan too, can be considered as an extension of plan b,with newer features and altered or rather, added key and growth features. Beyond which, what makes this plan stand out, keeping aside the price benefits are the turbo features. These features include faster page loads, higher SEO rankings, improved conversion rates, lower bounce rates and handling higher traffic rates.  

Plan D : Turbo Max

As a consumer you might be worried, as to what exactly differentiates the ‘turbo boost’ plan from the ‘turbo max’ plan. To say, the turbo max plan is the most efficient and fastest plan that A2 Hosting has possibly built. It has been reviewed by many users as the most efficient and likeable plan. But to me, I believe that it doesn’t come with much of a difference in its plan. Which I believe, reduces the plan efficiency. The added features are more like already present enhanced features, enhanced again and therefore don’t really help much. 

Some Important Factors to look into While Choosing your Hosting Server

As promised, I am going to try my best to make this article as detailed and helpful as possible. Like, i had mentioned, choosing the right web hosting server can be a solid game changing move for your website. Briefly I will be listing a bunch of things to follow through while choosing your website’s host.

Know your website’s need 

It is your website and you who will be running it so you need to know what your website’s needs are. Build up an image in your head regarding your website. What do you expect of it, how should it look to you and how much traffic would you want on it. Clarity in basics will help you draft your desired website.

You server’s upgradation ability 

Dedicated server plans help more often than you know. As for now, a shared hosting plan may do the needful but in the upcoming future you will need a separate server to host your website. Therefore you must be sure while choosing a plan that upgradation of server in your host site is a smooth process.  

Prices are important 

Look out for the sign-up prices and the renewal prices. As for A2 Hosting the sign-up prices are pretty reasonable. But the renewal prices are something you should look after too. Since renewals cost higher usually, which may force you to change your hosting server. 


Well, A2 Hosting has been putting in its efforts to stand out of the crowd. But yet, I’d advise you to do your research. Blindly following any article is vain. Besides not every hosting site will be able to serve your needs. 


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