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How to Track Amazon Order Without Logging In

For avid Amazon shoppers, the routine of repeatedly signing in and navigating to the Orders section to monitor their recent purchases can swiftly turn into a tedious task. Thankfully, there is an alternate way that enables to monitor Amazon orders without the necessity of logging in. In this in-depth guide titled ‘How to Track Amazon Order Without Logging In’, we will explore this handy approach for tracking Amazon orders with ease, bypassing the login hassle.

Is It Possible to Track an Amazon Order Without Signing In?

Indeed, it is! You can seamlessly monitor your Amazon orders without the need for login procedures, provided you possess the all-important tracking ID. With this unique tracking ID, you gain the ability to utilize the respective package carrier’s website or trusted third-party tracking platforms to keep abreast of your order status without signing in.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Your Amazon Order Without Logging In

As previously noted, you can effortlessly track your Amazon orders sans the login rigmarole, but only if you’ve got that essential tracking ID for the specific order you wish to monitor. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to go about it:

Please take a note that it is crucial to track ID after placing an order on Amazon and ensure you keep it within reach.

  1. Fire Up the Amazon Shopping App

The first step on your tracking journey is launching the Amazon Shopping app on your Android or iOS mobile device. You can find the app icon on the home screen of your device. Tap on it to open the app.

  1. Navigate to Your Orders

Once you have the Amazon app up and running, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, you will spot a distinctive icon called the hamburger menu tab. It is usually represented by three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. Tap on this icon.

  1. Select Your Desired Order

Within the menu options that appear after tapping the hamburger menu, look for the Orders section. It is often denoted by a label like “Your Orders” or “Orders.” Tap on this section to proceed.

  1. Initiate Tracking

Now that you are in the Orders section, you will find a list of your recent Amazon orders. Scan through this list and select the specific order that you are curious about tracking. Tap on it to open the order details.

  1. Copy the Tracking ID

Within the order details, you will find an option that typically says “Track shipment.” This is your gateway to tracking your package. Tap on “Track shipment” to begin the tracking process.

To get into the next step, you need to copy the Tracking ID number. To do this, simply tap and hold on the Tracking ID number displayed on the screen, then select the “Copy” option from the menu that appears.

  1. Visit PKGE.NET

After copying the tracking ID on the clipboard, it is time to head to the PKGE.NET Amazon Package Tracking website. You can do this by opening your preferred web browser on your device and typing “PKGE.NET” into the address bar. Press “Go” or “Enter” to navigate to the website.

  1. Paste the Tracking Number

Once you are on the PKGE.NET website, you will find a designated field where you can enter your tracking number. Tap on the field to bring up the keyboard and thereafter paste the tracking number by tapping and holding in the field and selecting “Paste.”

Finally, to kick off the tracking process and unveil the intricate details of your order’s journey, locate and tap on the Location icon or any similar button provided on the website. This action will initiate the tracking and display real-time information about your Amazon order.

Following these steps will allow you to effortlessly track your Amazon order without the need to log in to your Amazon account.

Where Can You Find Your Amazon Orders on the App?

Wondering where your delivered and shipped Amazon orders are located within the app? It is an easy job. Just tap the hamburger menu tab and thereafter select the “Orders” option. With a single click, the “Your Orders” menu will elegantly unfold, revealing a well-organized list of all your recent orders.

Can You Search for Amazon Orders by Order Number?

Indeed, Amazon has streamlined the process for searching your orders by order number. To utilize this feature, simply head to the top of the “Your Orders” menu, where you will encounter a user-friendly search bar. Input the order number you are seeking and watch as the system efficiently locates the precise item you’re looking for.

How Long Does Amazon Keep Order History?

Concerned about the longevity of your order history? Worry not! Amazon is more than happy to hold onto your order history indefinitely. There is no expiration date for your records, ensuring you can access your complete order history on Amazon for as long as you need it.


This guide titled ‘How to Track Amazon Order Without Logging In’ demystifies the process of tracking Amazon orders without the need for logging in. Armed with your essential tracking ID, you can effortlessly navigate the Amazon Shopping app, select your desired order, copy the Tracking ID and embark on a seamless tracking journey through PKGE.NET or similar third-party tracking platforms. Additionally, we have unveiled how to quickly locate your Amazon orders within the app and search for them using order numbers, all while reassuring you that Amazon keeps your order history indefinitely, ensuring easy access whenever you need it.

Moreover, the convenience of tracking Amazon orders without logging in not only saves time but also provides a user-friendly experience, allowing shoppers to stay informed about their deliveries with ease.


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