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Top 10 Free Image Resources for Your Blogspot

Are you a blogger? Adding captivating images to your blog is key for attracting readers, boosting subscribers and generating leads. In this guide titled ‘Top 10 Free Image Resources for Your Blogspot’, we will try to explore why images are essential for your blog and introduce the best platforms for finding high-quality, free images.

Why Images Matter in Blogging

Starting a blog involves more than just delivering textual content. In the digital age, creating an immersive experience for readers is essential and images are the key to achieving this. A blog filled with walls of text can be visually monotonous and unattractive. Strategically adding images to your blog posts not only breaks the monotony but also makes your content more engaging and shareable.

According to OptinMonster, content with images receives more views and shares, contributing to a potential increase in conversions by over 300%. It is not just about making your blog look good, but it is also about making it successful.

Understanding the legal aspects of using photos and images is crucial for bloggers. This means dealing with different licenses for images, each with its own conditions. Typically, bloggers look for images falling under one of three categories and these are Royalty-Free, Creative Commons and Public Domain.


Commonly found on stock photo websites, these images may require payment or be available for free. However, certain restrictions such as not using them as part of your branding may apply.

Creative Commons

Offered by a non-profit organization, Creative Commons licenses enable photographers to share their work without others profiting from it. Different licenses (Attribution, Non-Commercial, etc.) come with specific conditions.

Public Domain

Images in the public domain have either expired copyrights or were never eligible for copyright. Attribution may still be required in some cases.

Top 10 Free Image Resources for Your Blogspot

Now, let us check out the top 10 free image platforms where you can find a variety of free, high-quality images for your blog.


Browse over 300,000 royalty-free stock photos in collections such as food, business, landscapes, sports and more. The platform provides a wide selection to suit different blog niches and preferences.


Known for its breathtaking images, Unsplash boasts a library of over 1 million creative commons licensed or public domain images. With 10 new images added daily, bloggers can access a continuous stream of fresh, high-quality visuals.


Pixabay goes beyond traditional stock photos, providing over 1.6 million royalty-free images including illustrations, vectors and videos. The platform’s advanced search filters like orientation, size and color help bloggers find the perfect image for their content.


With thousands of beautiful, royalty-free images across categories like business, abstract, traveling, flatlay and people, PicJumbo ensures bloggers have a diverse array of options. All images are free of watermarks and don’t need attribution.


For bloggers looking to infuse quirkiness into their content, Gratisography is the go-to platform. From garden gnomes to funny faces, the site provides unique images that can make your blog stand out. All photos are free to download with no copyright restrictions.


Pexels stands out for offering free images with no copyright restrictions. Bloggers can find a plethora of stock photos for commercial use and no attribution is required. The platform’s easy search function and curated collections make selecting images a breeze.


PhotoPin simplifies the image search process for bloggers by utilizing the Flickr API. With millions of high-quality creative commons photos, bloggers can quickly find relevant images. While most images on PhotoPin need attribution, the platform is still a valuable resource.


LibreShot, curated by photographer Martin Vorel, provides a collection of landscape, architecture, animals and nature shots. All photographs are available for commercial use, free of watermarks and require no attribution. It is an excellent resource for travel bloggers looking for captivating visuals.


Launched by photographers in 2014, Skitterphoto offers a unique collection of free public domain images. Since photographers upload their own work, bloggers can discover images not found on other free picture databases. It is a platform that celebrates originality.


SplitShire offers a growing collection of over 1,000 royalty-free photos released under the creative commons license. With categories ranging from animals and fashion to automotive and landscapes, bloggers can find diverse visuals for various niches. Regular additions to the collection guarantee a constant supply of fresh images.


The “Top 10 Free Image Resources for Your Blogspot” guide is like a handy friend for bloggers who want to make their content more exciting. This guide says putting pictures on your blog is a good thing because it makes it more fun to read. And honestly, that is what we all want. The guide helps out bloggers by explaining different image licenses like Royalty-Free and Creative Commons. This is super useful for bloggers who are figuring out the legal stuff.

This guide titled ‘Top 10 Free Image Resources for Your Blogspot’ is cool because it shows you awesome platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels for getting great pictures. It is not just a list, but it tells you what is special about each one. Whether you are into the big collection on Pixabay or the fun stuff on Gratisography, this guide gives you the lowdown. For bloggers like us, trying to make our blogs look nice without any legal issues, this guide is like a useful map.


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