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Tips for SEO Success During Website Redesign

Are you lately considering your website redesigning or re-platforming following an investment in SEO efforts? If so, it is important to get an SEO expert to the earliest in the process. The step is vital to avoid potential pitfalls and you can safeguard your organic search visibility. Let us say that a fertility medicine company experienced a significant loss of $200,000 in revenue due to reduced organic visibility after redesigning. This means it avoided the importance of SEO guidance.

A couple of common issues can disrupt your website’s Google rankings and these include domain changes, new URLs without proper 301 redirects, alterations in page content affecting keyword targeting and unintentional shifts in website performance metrics.

One critical aspect is managing URL changes effectively. It is very common for URLs to shift. However, implementing 301 redirects for outdated URLs is essential to let Google know about the new page locations as well as prevent visitors from facing 404 errors.

There are several tools to overcome it. One is Screaming Frog and it can be invaluable for mapping and cataloging URLs. It simplifies the process of creating and managing redirects efficiently.

Another important aspect to take a note here is optimizing metadata and content post-redesign. It is here to ensure that metadata such as title tags, meta descriptions and alt text remain optimized for relevant keywords. This will help in maintaining the page’s relevance and ranking positions as well.

Choosing the right website builder or CMS is simultaneously important while redesigning. It is critical for balancing design flexibility with optimal performance. There is a couple of platforms to help. These are like Duda or Oxygen Builder. Both are recommended by experts.

It is also important to prevent accidental crawler blocking during the redesign process. It is suggested to double-check for disallow protocols before launching the new site. Remove the disallow protocols if found.


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