The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR)

The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 1

An introduction to PLR

Ever thought of how companies manage to publish a lot of content like blog posts, videos, pictures and advertisements for promoting their products…? Do they create their own content…? Well, bigger companies usually have their own staff in the content writing department who are completely involved in creating all the content required for their promotions.

So, hiring some really good content creators is enough to go on with the promotions. This works very well with the big companies which are willing to pay a good amount of money on publicity. But what about the smaller companies which cannot afford to hire these content creators…?

Well, there is an affordable solution to this problem. There are some organizations out there which are particularly specialized in the Private label rights of the content. With these, you really have all the power of the large organizations on your side. Generally, in these organizations, all the articles are written and edited by highly skilled professionals and saved in easy to web formats to be distributed to their customers. \

So what exactly is meant by Private Label Rights…?

Private Label Rights

The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 2

The “right” to edit, augment, and place your name on the product to resale and keep all the profits for yourself is known as Private Lable Rights. So, basically, you have permission to change it, to claim it and to keep all the money for yourself. In essence, it becomes your product.

But there’s a catch. Each product(a piece of content in this content) you may buy, there’s a PLR that may have a different set of permissions. You need to look at the license that comes with your product to make sure you stay within the guidelines to prevent any future litigations. But for most products, you can edit it.

Let’s say that you buy a product that is on golf, driving golf balls strategic point. And you decide that you want to convert that ebook product into a video where you’ve got the right to do that. But with the resale rights, you don’t. It has to stay in the same format. And if you decide that you want your name on it or your company name on it, you can do that. But with resale rights, you can’t.

So, the private label rights give you a lot more permissions and leeway with the creation of your products. Now, there are several different ways to make money with PLRs. Let us see the two of the most popular ways where people are earning money with PLRs.

Two of the most popular ways where people are earning money with PLRs


The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 3

The first way is obviously with the products. They are taking the rights they have and they are creating a product from them. They are making the existing product that they bought better or they are changing the format of it. In our earlier example, they are taking an ebook and making it a video. So, for the most part, think about it in terms of you are getting a product that you get to go out and market it as your own.

So, it allows you to immediately expand your business, really exponentially.


The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 4

So, we’ve seen the first way that is products. And the second way is a way that most people really really don’t consider and that is through people. The affiliate programs allow some people whose private label rights may not be ideal for their particular market or industry or their business model, but they can make a recommendation. And so they tell their list of clients or customers about other services and it allows them to earn an ongoing commission.

So, they are not actually doing any work other than making a recommendation. So, that’s a pretty strong way to make money with private label rights. And everybody doesn’t offer an affiliate program, but if you can find someone out there, it allows you, especially through a membership site and it allows you to earn a recurring amount of money each and every month.

Hence, the top two ways to earn money from PLR is through products and through people.

Should private label rights be a part of your online business arsenal…?

Now, should private label rights be a part of your online business arsenal…? It just really depends on what your model is, if you are using Adsense or Yahoo publishing network and you are trying to make money through pay-per-click campaigns and you want to use the content for PLR to drive traffic to you a website and earning money that way, that’s a great way to do it.

If you are an affiliate marketer, PLRs are great bonuses, when someone buys a product that you recommend and it’s also a great way to preload content into an autoresponder. It gives you so many small pieces and bits of content to use that you can use one PLR and probably have 25 or even 50 email messages going out to your list.

So, if you are in need of content, PLR is a great way to get instant content. If you are looking to make money through recommendations, through affiliate marketing, that’s another great way to do that.

Top 5 ways to make money with PLR

The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 5

1. Ebook giveaway with affiliate links embedded

The number one way is an ebook giveaway with affiliate links embedded. This is where most people are using their private label rights are not simply creating a brand new product. But they are leaving the product almost as it is, but going in and putting affiliate links throughout the product so that they match the particular section that the person is reading or even scanning through.

And it’s interesting because of so many people when they are scanning a book and they come across a link, will just go ahead and click it and hopefully, something else will draw their attention and produce an affiliate sale if it matches the market and matches the need of that market at that particular time.

2. MP3 recording of the PLR with resale rights of the offer

The second way is an MP3 recording of the PLR with the resale rights offer so that you take this document you have as the most PLRs come in a document, whether it’s a text file or a word file or even a PDF and you simply record it using something like sound forge and you take that MP3 and you upload it to the internet.

So, you are selling it as a product. It serves a dual purpose here. You are selling it as a product and let’s say you have a dog training PLR that you are using and this MP3 is for dog owners to listen while they are training their dogs.

But, if you are also offering resale rights, your market has suddenly opened up not only for the dog owners but also to those who work in dog markets and have a list of people that they could sell your MP3 recording to. So, you could offer resale rights so that they can go and sell your products and keep all the profits for themselves.

Or another option is simply to have an affiliate program associated with your product and offer something like a fifty percent commission.

3. Squeeze page offer in exchange for the email address

The next way is the squeeze page offer in exchange for the email address. This is just a basic offer that is just used to get permission to market to that person time and time again. So, on the home page of your website, if you plan to give away something like an ebook in exchange for subscribing with their email, you may have 50 messages in the queue in your autoresponder which is going to follow up with these people time and time again and so you are just simply making an exchange and you are saying for your email address, this is what you are going to get.

4. Condensed information in a special report

Often the PLR material you get is so broad and is so expansive. We live in a day where it is so difficult to spend your time in a way that is gonna require a lot of it at one sitting and if you get a PLR of your book that is a hundred and fifty pages, well maybe you wanna condense that to 25 pages that you want to take that information and really shrink it down so that only the stuff that matters is what is in that special report.

and you’ll be amazed at how much you can charge for that simply because people will pay to save time. And if you say that I took this hundred and fifty pages book and have condensed it to the top twenty-five principles and it’s just 25 pages and it’s all that you are going to need.

Well, that’s a good use of PLR and it is a good way to increase your income based on providing a special report of condensed information that will save the market time.

5. Bonus for a product you are offering or affiliate your product recommending

Let’s say that you already have a product in a particular industry and you find a PLR to a product that is a compliment. When you offer it as a free bonus, you didn’t have to do any extra work for it and it’s something of value to your buyers or let’s say that you have an affiliate area that you are working on and you aren’t a fifty percent of Philly commission with the products that you recommend and you feel like you need a lead for that.

PLR can be a great way for you to have a bonus either a recommendation from the beginning so there are links coming out of it or a bonus that says if you buy that product through my link you will also get this product and it will actually be the PLR, the private label rights that you have, that you were using as a selling tool, as an added bonus and an added incentive for buying through your link.

The advantages of Private label rights

The ins and outs of Private Label Rights(PLR) 6
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So far we’ve seen what PLR is, how one can make money with PLR and the importance of private label rights in your business arsenal. Now, let us see some advantages of PLR.

You could go out and buy an expensive resale package if you wanted to or you could go out and try to start a complete product from scratch and you put forth every ounce of energy. But private label rights are really an ultimate shortcut, primarily in three areas.

Saving money

The first advantage of PLR is saving money. If you go out and actually have a product created, it is going to cost you a minimum of 500$ most likely about a 1000$ just for an average ebook and when you are thinking about how much money do I have to spend, how much money I can invest, you can save so much money by going with the private label rights company or site.

Saving time

The next advantage with PLR is saving time. With PLR it’s just a matter of a few hours which is very less when compared to the traditional way which takes a few months to create content.

If you are going to work with a ghostwriter and have them create the product and then you are having to go back and forth with him to make sure it’s edited correctly and they put the right things in or they formatted it the right way you wanted to.

Or if you working on a solo project that you are going to create yourself, then you are going to find out that it is so time-consuming and takes so long to make a valuable product, not to mention the bonuses and add ons that you wanted to create.

Save effort

The third advantage with PLR is saving effort. Your creative decision is made for you. If you do some research and find private label rights for the particular market or niche that you are working on, well it’s already been done for you and you are not having to think of the outline, you are not having to fight for the sales page, you are not having to do any that.

Those creative decisions have been done for you. They have been made for you. You just have to simply accept what’s already have been done, tweak it a bit with your own personality and your unique voice and you totally end up having a different product. Also, you get to determine the duplicate users you want. You can use the product for giveaway or autoresponder or for articles or you could use it for multiple other purposes.

So, this is all about PLR, the private label rights.

Added experience

PLR articles can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to provide content out of their principal field of experience, which might involve a lot of research or possible errors in the final article differently. By way of instance, a commercial cleaning services company might understand cleaning huge offices thoroughly. Also economically, but not on its cleansers’ components or how they are manufactured, where PLR goods would arrive.


Since PLR articles make it possible for the purchaser to alter it however they desire, it is a fantastic way to personalize it to match the business that purchased it. It allows the buyer to include their business name, calls for action, and company-specific info and illustrations.


As stated earlier, PLR makes it possible for the buyer to market edit, remix, and also unite articles, or give them away at no cost. When it’s been altered, the buyer has the very same rights to it if they’d created it themselves since it is already built into custom articles from the buyer. Note: sometimes PLR content will have limitations to its rights, and therefore you must see the fine print if purchasing it.

PLR Cons

But, PLR articles isn’t a magic bullet. There are several drawbacks to not producing your very own unique content, such as PLR’s goods’ overall lack of quality and the simple fact that initial PLR content is marketed to multiple purchasers.

Low quality

Considering that PLR material is cheap and designed to be changed, it is often obscure, excellent shallow writing. Posting PLR goods with no alterations may result in content. That attracts very little value to viewers, who might select more detailed or helpful posts on other sites to browse instead.

Unknown quality

Because most PLR articles are marketed in packs, there’s absolutely no way to get clients to learn what they are getting until they make the buy. That is the reason it’s vital to purchase from a respectable firm.

Plagiarism possible

Tying to the stage over, a few more unscrupulous businesses sometimes sell content that is content. Mainly when it shows up across multiple sites or is from the substance that has not been printed yet, but the unknowing submitting of this may result in legal troubles or require you to take the content down.


The identical PLR content is offered to numerous buyers, frequently with no limit on how they could buy precisely the similar video or article. It can adversely alter the PLR buyer in two different ways, based on how frequently this material has been posted. 

Firstly, suppose the PLR articles are placed on a site after being submitted elsewhere a few days. In that case, search engines will probably observe the repeat of precisely the identical content across several websites and rank the site lower in search results. Second, suppose clients discover your articles (particularly content provided as a bonus or available ) is just like another organization’s content. In that case, it might impact their understanding of you.

To help avoid some of those pitfalls, it is vital to carefully investigate the content vendor to be sure they’re trustworthy. Additionally, it is essential to examine the internet to view how profoundly it is already being used. Suppose you provide the same substance as numerous different businesses. In that case, you are not likely to stick out in the audience to potential clients. 

Nevertheless, it ought to be said which search engines don’t penalize replicate content as far as some folks could think. Many sites (around 30 percent of webpages online ) repost other websites’ or their content with no problem. But, Google does be aware of in which a part of content seemed first. Therefore businesses appearing to get SEO worth from PLR articles should make sure they are not submitting something equivalent to what’s been printed by 15 other companies currently.

Make sure you perform a comprehensive plagiarism test also before submitting, but be warned: articles can slide through if sufficient synonyms are swapped.

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