Thursday, July 18, 2024

Study Links Less Social Media to Improved Job Satisfaction, Mental Health

A recent study found that spending a bit less time on social media can make work life way better. The researchers surveyed 166 people who usually spend 35 minutes a day on non-work social media stuff. Then, they split them into two groups – one kept doing their usual social media thing and the other cut back by 30 minutes every day for a week.

It was found that the group that had cut back by 30 minutes felt less stressed about work and not so worried about missing out on things with their friends. The researchers noticed that taking a break from social media gave them more time to focus on their jobs. They felt less distracted.

Julia Brailovskaia, the brain behind the study, said the brain don’t like when one is always jumping between tasks. People who stop work to check social media find it harder to stay focused and do their best.

Even a week the group that cut back on social media felt loads better about their jobs and mental health. And the good vibes stuck around for at least another week after the study ended, added the researcher.

It can be concluded that taking a tiny break from social media, like 30 minutes less each day, can bring some serious happiness to your job and make you feel better overall. It is like a simple switch that could make work life more awesome. The study reminds paying attention to how much time we spend on social media can actually make us happier and better at our jobs. It is like a simple trick for a happier work life. So, maybe it is time for a little less scrolling and a bit more smiling at work.


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