5 Common WordPress Problem You Can Solve Easily

5 Common Wordpress Problem You Can Solve Easily

It is one situation that we all have to go through. You have set up the WordPress page, and everything looks very good and you are about to go live to unveil your remarkable blog or website. In place of loading, you are getting following message: Error in establishing the database connection

We all know that wordPress is one of the most intuitive and slick system, but at times, errors may happen. And it is dealing with these errors that is really frustrating for the website owners or bloggers who want the WordPress site to work.

To fix such errors must be your main priority as the visitors will not have much understanding towards the website that is unresponsive, slow, compromised, or non-existent. Luckily, many of such problems affecting WordPress can now be fixed easily. But, to resolve these issues quickly, it is good to know the root of problems, so you will be able to solve them efficiently. Let us understand server issues that can affect WordPress or what you may do about it.

WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

WordPress’s most frequent reason for not providing email is your WordPress hosting host is not configured correctly to use the PHP mail() function.

Even if your hosting company has been configured to work with that purpose, many email providers utilize different tools to avoid spam. These tools try to learn if an email is coming from where it claims to be.

But, emails broadcast from WordPress sites often fail that test, together with the messages end up in people’s spam folders.

To repair this problem, we advocate using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails from WordPress. SMTP does not use the PHP mail() function. On the contrary, it uses appropriate authentication, which contributes to high email deliverability prices.

The best way to execute SMTP from WordPress is by using a WordPress plugin such as WP Mail SMTP. This plugin configures your WordPress website to send mails using SMTP rather than the PHP mail() function.

Not only is that this plugin super-easy to work with and install, but also, it functions with popular SMTP suppliers like Sendinblue, Gmail, Office 365, Amazon SES, and much more.

To begin, here is a step-by-step guide on how the way to mend WordPress not sending email problems utilizing WP Mail SMTP.

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Sometimes when you are making modifications to your site, you will see a message like this one preceding your website is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

WordPress may get stuck within a caring manner through a scheduled WordPress upgrade or if you are upgrading a lot of themes or plugins.

If WordPress is disrupted in this procedure, it will not have the opportunity to take out your maintenance site, leading to locking down your website and rendering it inaccessible.

WordPress automatically places your website into maintenance mode through upgrades so that your customers do not observe a broken version of your site. Nevertheless, when it is stuck in maintenance mode, you and your customers will not be able to get it anyhow.

We have assembled a thorough guide to mend stuck in a WordPress care manner quickly, which you may read here to fix this issue.

Pages load slowly

You have optimized your web site and you have done whatever you can just to speed up your WordPress. You have checked your internet connection (with speed testing tool) and it is not the main reason that your website is so slow.

Web hosting server issues.

Then what you must do is to check out on server status of the current web hosting company. And any issue getting reported by the hosting company may most likely affect to your web site, or take this down altogether. Thus, it is good to keep eye on status of your web hosting company.

Wordpress Web hosting server issues.

Each host providers must have the “Server Status” and “System Status” web page where you will be able to check if there is anything going wrong with servers. Suppose the web hosting company is ones causing this issue, you must contact them right away and know when it is going to get resolved. But, if you ever notice any pattern to slow-downs, you can contact the customer support and see if neighboring site is affecting the server. If that is the main reason, you have to consider upgrading to your VPS and cloud hosting program.

“Error Establishing your Database Connection”

The most terrifying things ever to see whenever you load the website are message, like “Error Establishing Your Database Connection.” It is really frustrating for anyone to see this message, so if you need to debug or fix this yourself. Technically, most of these issues will cause the message to occur within your database. Thus, first thing you can do is to ensure all your data are right. Confirm the information of your wp-config.php, look at the username, password & hostname fields. Ensure everything is right, and then update and check out your web site.

If still the problem persists and you have ensured everything’s good on your end, it is likely you are looking at the security breach or you are disabled by the hosting company.

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