Thursday, July 18, 2024

Social Media Platforms Face Stricter Regulations on AI-Generated User Harm

The coming year won’t be easy for social media giants like X, Instagram and Facebook as they will face tougher regulations due to the harm caused by artificial intelligence (AI).

Now, these platforms must be more careful in checking what people post. They can’t rely on legal protections anymore if harmful content is on their sites. The government is making a new rule for social media, but for now, they have to follow the old ones.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) issued a second warning to these platforms. They must inform users about prohibited content during registration, remind them regularly and when they upload or share information.

With elections approaching, the risk of deepfake cases is expected to rise. Pavan Duggal, a computer safety expert, says social media sites should work fast to remove bad stuff and teach users. This keeps them out of legal problems.

Jaspreet Bindra, founder of The Tech Whisperer, warns that deepfakes could be a big problem in 2024. The government needs to make tough rules to stop fake stuff from spreading on social media, especially when there are elections.

Deepfake tricks can change what voters think, so it’s really important to tell people about it.

However, detecting deepfakes is challenging due to their rapid evolution. Platforms need advanced tools to distinguish between genuine content and clever fakes.

Prashanth Shivadass, a legal expert, suggests constant checks on user-generated posts. However, it is tough to identify deepfakes as AI evolves rapidly. Shreya Suri, another legal expert, suggests tracking platforms enabling harmful content instead of relying solely on social media companies.

In short, big social media sites are being watched closely because of problems caused by computer tricks. The rules are getting stricter to keep users safe, especially during important times like elections.


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