Thursday, July 25, 2024

SEO Strategy in the Wake of Google’s Gemini Incident

Google stopped their Gemini model from making images because it was not working right. This shows that even tech giants like Google can make mistakes. It shows us a little bit about how Google’s algorithm really operate.

Figuring out why Gemini messed up shows us how complicated Google’s computer programs are. It is not saying Google is bad at making programs, but it reminds us that even really smart systems can make mistakes sometimes.

The problem with Gemini’s image making shows us that computer programs can sometimes make unfair choices without meaning to. For instance, Gemini’s failure to generate images of Caucasians due to its “diversity” parameter is a stark example.

This issue impacts those who help websites get found online. It proves that even after lots of testing, computer programs can still cause surprises. The bias observed in Gemini mirrors past incidents like biases favoring big brand websites in Google’s Reviews System algorithm.

Changing how computer programs work is really important in causing these unfair results. Google’s explanation of the Gemini incident points to the tuning process as the root cause. Tuning means changing settings to make things work better, but sometimes it can accidentally make things unfair.

Google’s search algorithms are not deliberately biased. But before, when they changed how the programs work, it caused unexpected problems. For instance, tuning algorithms for user interaction signals might inadvertently favor well-known brands, perpetuating a familiarity bias.

It is really important for people who work on websites to talk about problems with how the computer programs work. While there is often speculation about intentional bias against smaller sites, the reality is more nuanced. Knowing the little details about how computer programs can be unfair is really important for making websites easier to find online.

Instead of just blaming Google for problems with how websites show up in searches, it is important to also look at how good the websites are. Most ranking problems stem from site issues rather than algorithmic biases. Blaming Google without understanding the root cause hampers progress.

In the future, we really need to fix problems with computer programs in a helpful way. Whether it is the Gemini incident or future algorithmic glitches, speaking out helps identify and rectify issues. When people who work on websites and Google’s computer experts work together, it makes searching online fairer and better for everyone.


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