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SaaS Secret Lessons from Top Leaders Driving Business Growth

There has been a rise in the number of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies in recent years and some of these have become world’s most valuable enterprises for their transformative potential business model. These companies represent less than one-half of 1% of venture funding rounds and have achieved a coveted billion-dollar valuation with their rapid growth and innovative business approaches. The secrets of these SaaS leaders hold invaluable lessons to traditional businesses.

A fundamental advice from such SaaS leaders is important for those who are newly embracing the SaaS model. Data reveals that 60% of the 103 US-based unicorn companies operate primarily on a SaaS basis and collectively their value is US$263 billion. The trend highlights undeniable value proposition of the SaaS business model. It also prompts exploration into what makes it so successful.

EY lately conducted a survey to gain deeper insights into the operational dynamics of successful SaaS companies. About 200 executives were taken into account. It identified a subset of SaaS companies which were regarded as leaders in deployment, customer engagement, profitability and a couple of other key metrics.

Six fundamental lessons emerged from the subset and it can guide emerging SaaS companies on their path to success. The first and foremost is speed that is identified as a critical factor in SaaS success. The executives highlighted the need to move quickly into SaaS and innovate rapidly to establish market dominance.

The second lesson is that adaptability is the core attributes of successful SaaS enterprises. SaaS companies must remain nimble and get prepared to pivot in response to changing customer demands and technological advancements.

Customer-centricity is another cornerstone of SaaS success. Leading SaaS companies prioritize customer feedback and engagement. They leverage insights to refine product offerings as well as enhance customer experiences.


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