Thursday, July 18, 2024

Research Highlights AI’s Impact on Social Media Market Dynamics

This is an era of social media and big changes are taking place lately in the segment. The platforms are now getting powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which is making them platform smarter and more personalized, reveals a study conducted by Research and Markets.

The study, titled “AI in Social Media Market – Forecasts from 2024 to 2029,” states that social media platforms are using AI and thereafter users are experiencing better with recommendations fitting perfectly.

The study further states that AI will be used heavily on the social platforms in the future. This means that ads as well as recommendations will be even more tailored.

One significant change to take place will be the use of more AI-powered chatbots, which can help users with answers to questions or problems instantly. The chatbots are gradually getting smarter and might be able to help without needing a human to step in.

AI is simultaneously learned to be helping the platforms to understand data better. This means they can figure out what people like and what they don’t like faster than before. This will hence help them stay ahead in the ever-changing world of social media.

AI will be a big help to people who manage their social media accounts as it schedule posts and track how the posts are performing. This will save time for account managers.

AI can even recognize images better. Social media platforms can now automatically tag people in photos or even suggest new friends based on who is in the pictures.

AI can also be used to predict things like which posts might be risky or which products people might want to buy. A lot of AI stuff is currently based on machine learning and deep learning, but the study states that more natural language processing (NLP) will be seen in the future. This means that AI will understand things better and interact with us like a real person.


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