Thursday, July 18, 2024

Perplexity AI Study Unveils Promising SEO Opportunities for Ecommerce

Perplexity AI is reshaping the online search landscape. It is basically an Answer Engine and developed by experts from OpenAI, Facebook and other tech giants. It is simultaneously backed by influential investors in Silicon Valley. It AI has now emerged as a top innovator in the AI-driven search engines segment.

Perplexity AI combines functionalities of a search engine with that of a chatbot. This combination offers a unique interface for querying information. Its proprietary ranking system, akin to Google’s PageRank, ensures relevant and accurate search results. Moreover, its generous citation of websites provides users with valuable references.

A research by BrightEdge lately reveals a significant surge in referral traffic to and this indicates a growing interest in alternative search experiences. The increase was 40% in past three months and users are demonstrating a willingness to explore it.

This surge presents promising SEO opportunities for ecommerce businesses as they can leverage the ad-free model of Perplexity AI to tap into organic search traffic without competing with advertising for visibility.

BrightEdge research also highlighted a significant overlap between Perplexity’s search results and Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) results. The overlap is noted in the health-related search queries and it highlights the potential of the new AI as a valuable resource for users seeking reliable information on critical topics.

However, the presence of Reddit across most search query topics seems like more work is still pending at their end. The AI need to diversify content sources to a wide range of user interests. As of now, the healthcare and finance segments are not Reddit biased.


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