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Marketer’s Guide to the Latest Facebook Updates: Lead Gen, Amazon, AI, more

In the fast and ever-evolving world of social media, keeping up with the latest changes is highly important for marketers and business owners. Recently, Facebook, now part of Meta, made some big updates that matter a lot for marketing people. Let us look at these changes and see what they mean for your marketing efforts.

Meta AI Evolution

Meta’s push towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform is evident through the evolution of Meta AI virtual assistant. This smart assistant wants to give better answers, improve search results as well as make using Meta’s products more enjoyable. From suggesting Facebook post comments to improving Marketplace recommendations, the AI infusion seems promising and better than before.

But, using too much personalized AI can be risky. While the cool new features might make social media more fun, it is important to find the right balance. The spontaneity and humanity inherent in posts from real people foster genuine connections. As AI becomes more prominent, preserving the communal spirit of social media should remain a priority for marketers.

Moreover, the integration of AI into Facebook Groups holds potential but should be implemented thoughtfully. It can make groups work better, but tricky questions need thoughtful human answers. AI should be seen as a supplement rather than a replacement for authentic human interactions within groups.


The introduction of end-to-end encryption for one-on-one chats and calls on Messenger and Facebook is a commendable move towards enhancing user privacy. This extra secure Messenger, with cool features like editing and disappearing messages, will probably make more people feel safe using it for all kinds of chatting.

But, adding Notes in Messenger is a smart way to get younger people interested. Whether it becomes popular depends on if people start using it, but it is good for sharing short and interesting stuff that matches what users already like.

Stopping messaging between Facebook and Instagram understands that people use these platforms differently. While businesses may find it slightly inconvenient, aligning each platform with its messaging ecosystem enhances user experience and reduces confusion.

Facebook Video

Facebook has introduced a nifty feature – the Organic A/B Testing API. This tool enables Page owners to experiment with up to four different versions of a new post, such as a video. Parameters like different titles and selected metrics (Reactions, Shares, Views, etc.) can be tested, with Facebook circulating these variants to a subset of the intended audience. Following the test, the top-performing version based on the chosen metrics is automatically published to the full-page audience.

Facebook Ads

The removal of Hobbies from Facebook profiles might seem inconsequential for ad targeting. However, Meta’s shift towards relying on observed user behaviors for ad accuracy aligns with the trend of emphasizing real-time actions over self-reported interests.

Now, businesses have more ways to find potential customers with the new lead generation options in Facebook and Instagram ads. Connecting ads to WhatsApp chats and utilizing Q&A flows for lead nurturing presents opportunities, but marketers should approach extra opt-in checkboxes with caution to avoid overwhelming users.

Meta Advantage Automation, testing fully automated lead generation campaigns, shows that the company wants to make work easier and cheaper for businesses. Integrations with Zapier and HubSpot further streamline lead management.

Facebook Ecommerce

The partnership between Meta and Amazon introduces a seamless shopping experience within Facebook and Instagram. Letting users link their accounts to Amazon and use its payment methods makes things easier and might help sell more stuff on the platform.

While this integration aligns with the trend of simplifying the user journey, marketers should be mindful of the potential for impulsive spending. Still, using Amazon’s well-known name and lots of buying info is a smart move that helps both Meta and advertisers.


Facebook’s changes can be good and tricky for marketers. They’re putting smart technology (AI) to make things better, but we should be careful not to lose the real connections that make social media special. Messenger is getting safer with extra security, like a secret code for messages, and now you can post quick notes for everyone to see. This means Facebook wants to keep your stuff private and make things fun for younger users. They are also making it simpler by not letting you chat between Facebook and Instagram, which is what most people expect.

In the advertising segment, the shift from Hobbies to observed user behaviors in Facebook Ads signifies a move toward real-time actions for more accurate targeting. Now, businesses can find customers in more ways with new choices in Facebook and Instagram ads. They are trying out ways to make it automatic, so businesses don’t have to work so hard. This means Facebook wants to make things simpler for businesses. But, connecting Amazon to Facebook and Instagram for easy shopping needs careful marketing to balance making things easy and stopping impulsive buying. Marketers should use new ideas but also remember to keep the friendly and real feeling of connecting with people.


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