Thursday, July 25, 2024

Marketers’ Digital Push Raises Concerns Over Cybersecurity

Companies are using more digital marketing to grow in 2023 and 2024, but now there is a big concern about cybersecurity. A recent report found that in 2023, website security dropped from 79.9% to 63.9%. This puts companies at risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches. The reason is that companies are using more external APIs connecting to their websites, which makes breaches easier to happen.

The Global Marketing Engagement Index by creative agency TEAM LEWIS revealed that, while companies increased the use of personalization tools, issues emerged. Conversion tracking and tag management suffered as marketing material creation took precedence. Website performance scores fell by 2.4%, making it challenging to keep track of conversions.

The index also showed that many of the big Forbes Top 300 companies are having a hard time following the laws about disability compliance in America. Only 85 companies out of the 300 are fully meeting these rules. However, media scores saw positive growth, increasing from 24.6% in 2022 to 70.1% in 2023.

The digital marketing section witnessed the second-largest jump, rising from 46.9% in 2022 to 64.8% in 2023. This part looks at how well a company does with people online and it is getting better with more challenging keywords and people spending more time on their websites.

Companies are also changing to follow trends about the environment, social issues and good governance. The number of companies mentioning carbon reduction on their websites increased from 1.57 to 7.17 in 2023. The CSR and ESG section of the index showed a 12% increase in companies with CSR programs or mentioning sustainability initiatives, renewable energy sources, or diversity and inclusion efforts.

Globally, IT and security giant Cisco scored the highest engagement at 80%. IBM, American Express and Nike tied for second place with a 79% score. Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, Verizon and Samsung tied for third place with a 78% score. In the APAC region, Samsung led engagement scores, followed closely by Sony, with Singapore’s DBS making the top 10 list in fifth place with a 68% score.


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