Thursday, July 25, 2024

Lemongrass Debuts Springboard to Enhance Travel Brands’ Social Media Strategies

If you are into travel industry and finding tough to stand out on social media, here is good news. PR and content agency Lemongrass has emerged with a solution. It is dedicated to travel brands and has just launched a revolutionary social media and influencer marketing program called Springboard. The program is designed to help travel brands in optimizing their social media presence.

The program is eight weeks long. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help travel brands upskill their teams. It also helps them to fine-tune content publishing and develop effective influencer engagement strategies.

The program is divided into four key modules. These are audit and strategy, content pillars, assets and calendar, and influencers. The modules guide travel brands through essential steps like identifying what resonates with their audience, prioritizing content and selecting the right influencers.

Lemongrass Managing Director Abi Best explained the motivation behind Springboard. He said that many travel brands struggle with implementing successful social campaigns. They often lack resources. They even don’t know how to measure success.

Program participants receive a detailed roadmap for success and it is basically based on data-driven insights and measurable goals. The program includes a content audit of one social channel, a competitor analysis overview and also defined SEO-optimized content pillars.

An added bonus is the commitment of Lemongrass team to initiate three influencer visits from the target list.

Lemongrass Head of Content Marketing and Search Tara Schwenk emphasized the benefits of the program saying that Springboard removes the guesswork from social media marketing. The teams are often under-resourced and overstretched. This is the reason the program is designed for an effective course. It is open to anyone who are into business and wants to upskill.


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