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Is it the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Business – ConvertKit Review

In this new era, the business has got some of its newest tricks which have been added to its arsenal. Thanks to this current technology which has provided some of its new innovations within the line of business. 

CovertKit has been one of those newest additions that have led the current generations into a revolutionized way of marketing your product. As we all know that in recent times technology and digitization have provided some of its new aces in our hands. Digital marketing has been one of those new aces that we are talking about. 

Every business is bound by some of its regularities and trends depending on the products they are dealing with. Now, we cannot expect that while there are a number of businesses working on similar products. They will try to grab the market by having the same kind of idea and support from each of their perspectives. 

Now, the question is how much similar businesses can be maintained in such a way that they can have a fair stride towards success. CovertKit can provide that platform to those businesses in order to make that giant stride. 

What Is CovertKit?

CovertKit is basically an online platform. It helps a business in order to create their own personalized way of earning a living. This comes into picture by building different required tools in order to grow further audiences.

In such a way the business can be taken into such a path where the marketing is helping the actual or true fan of those products from any specific business. Now the point is that while bringing the products to their actual buyers or people with positive intention over the product. 

Why CovertKit And Its General Attributes 

Growing audiences is one of the main requirements of having digital marketing and other soft processes as well. In most cases, businesses grow around a start-up. The initial thought process for any of the start-ups always remains the same and that is to increase the number of subscribers from their end. 

Nowadays, we are generally accustomed to the word subscription which accommodates those of the users who are frequent about the products to be manufactured by that very business. CovertKit provides that support and such technical features which enable the users many of the vital scopes. So, let us go and have a look at some of those important features and how they can help to create a much better environment for the start-ups and any other businesses growing into digital marketing. 

  • Email Marketing

The sole purpose that CovertKit has been serving is to get connected with the subscribers in order to create and build a relationship of trust. 

Generally while handling any of the business, it is important for the business itself to connect with the people out there so that they can promote themselves better than the other companies within the market dealing in the same kind of products. 

CovertKit’s email marketing is one of the best ways to have such requirements to be fulfilled. Here, you don’t have to worry about the design and the other subjective to be maintained while providing the content for the viewers. In other words, a business can concentrate on the content other than anything that helps promote the business. 

On top of that, users can also expect some of the best writing supports to be available out there. They can expect to have some of the automated single-click options that will help in order to produce a clutter-free writing experience for the users. 

Last but not the least, CovertKit has a very high delivery rate which helps the mail to end up in the subscriber’s inbox most of the time. Some of the other included features to be expected are – 

  • Mass Mail.
  • Mail Scheduler.
  • Auto-prompt career mail.
  • The vast majority of beautiful templates.
  • Subscriber handling.
  • Create a Subscriber journey path.
  • Statistical Graph.
  • Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of those small initiations that can help a business to grow faster in a much different way of approach. With the help of the proper landing pages, CovertKit helps the business in order to thrive within the industry by reaching interested viewers. Get the best landing pages designed by world-class professionals with some of the best customizable options enabled. 

Nerd or no nerd, we have both the options in order to create a suitable landing page from your end. We try to provide full support using CSS in order to customize the way you want. On top of that, you get a full image repository from Unsplash in order to help with your images of choice for the landing pages. 

So, the days are gone when wasting time behind a suitable image was pretty much hasty. Last but not the least, all the templates in use are responsive enough to fit the device you are using.

  • Full-fledged Ecommerce Support

With the help of CovertKit, the process and all the requirements for marketing has become so unique and easy for which following a three-step procedure is enough in order to start managing the business online. 

  • Add the product description and the price of it.
  • Customize the page the way you want.
  • Automate the purchase detail response for the customer.
  • Email Customization

Those days are gone when it was hard to customize a business email for the customers and other purposes. With CovertKit you can customize your emails like the way you want. With just a couple of clicks and with a great bunch of tweaks for customization you can easily create the mail format for the customers out there. Add any option at any place like the way you like for your customers, CovertKit is there for you to do it at any time and any place you want. 

  • Significance of Sign up form

For any business to thrive in this ever-changing industry, it is important for them to stick up to their customers and all the subscribers. From time to time, influencers become subscribers, and in this way, a circle of great production runs. Sign up forms are one of the great options to add a number of subscribers using just a minimal amount of effort. With CovertKit users can expect a number of add-ons such as unlimited sign-up forms, customizable designs, lead magnet delivery, responsive templates, field customizations, and many more.

  • Simplified Automation Process

CovertKit provides the ultimate automation process for pipeline processing in order to provide a seamless and decisive data transmission which includes logical reasoning and other decisive actions as well. 

The functions don’t only end in here, we bring you some of the best automation processes from some of the best integration partners such as Gumrood, Instapage, teachable, thinkific, shopify, Sumome, WooCommerce, and many more. With the inclusion of more than 70 integration partners, CovertKit is able to provide the best possible integration to the users. 

Apart from these features Creator Pro is another fine-tuned option that has been enabled for the users or those who are availing the services of CovertKit. Using the Creator Pro option users can have information and other details of their subscribers like how many minute it can be. 

Even they will be able to have the information if the sent emails are reaching their subscribers or not. If the users wish to have a rewarding process for their subscribers in order to complete any proper task then they can automate that as well. Altogether, users will be able to get detailed statistical information regarding their relationship with the subscriber for their running business.

So, these were some of the detailed information regarding the CovertKit and how it can be helpful for the users out there in order to get started with their business on a high note. As a reader, you will also be able to understand the various features and other details regarding CovertKit that might help you. Hope you like it.


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