Thursday, July 18, 2024

IBM India Forecasts Job Growth with AI in Web Design, Digital Marketing

Many worry that artificial intelligence (AI) will take away jobs, but Sandip Patel from IBM India sees things differently. He believes that AI will actually create more jobs than it is assumed to take away. He supported his views by pointing to the recent past. He stressed how things like the Internet brought about new jobs such as web design and digital marketing.

However, Patel stresses the importance of learning new skills to adjust to these changes. While nearly half of Indian companies are currently retraining employees to collaborate with automation and AI tools, there is still much room for improvement. Fortunately, Patel mentions that the government understands how crucial this effort is.

The enthusiasm among employees for working with AI and automation tools is promising, with 50% expressing excitement. Patel rightly points out the challenge of training a large workforce to effectively utilize these technologies as they evolve. Not everyone can be a coder or AI developer, but everyone can learn to work with these tools.

Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar agrees with Patel. He stated that it is important to teach technology at universities. He thinks it is tougher to find skilled people than to construct infrastructure fast. Chandrasekhar wants tech companies, universities as well as governments globally to work together to train people for AI jobs.

In short, AI can create more jobs in India, but we must train and skill-up people. If we accept AI and work together, India can use it to improve the future for its workers.


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