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How to View Private Instagram Account? Top Private Instagram Profile Viewer Platforms

In today’s world, social media has become an important part of our daily routines. Of all the social media options, Instagram is a popular choice for people to share their stories and interests with the world. However, not everything on Instagram is meant for everyone to see. Some users opt to maintain private profiles and limit the visibility of their posts as well as activities only to approved followers. Yet, circumstances may arise where access to a private Instagram account becomes necessary for valid reasons such as safeguarding a family member or unveiling concealed information.

This article titled ‘How to View Private Instagram Account? Top Private Instagram Profile Viewer Platforms’ explores the use of private Instagram viewer apps and the ethical considerations surrounding them. It provides an overview of the top tools available for accessing private Instagram accounts and offers guidance on how to use them responsibly within legal boundaries.

Understanding How to View Private Instagram

The use of private Instagram viewer apps can be a subject of debate with varying viewpoints on its ethics and legality. Legal experts state that these apps can serve a vital purpose in protecting individuals from potential harm. For instance, parents may find it necessary to supervise their children’s Instagram usage to guarantee their online security. Conversely, some individuals may have legitimate motives for accessing private profiles. However, some people prioritize their privacy, even among their own family members. Some question arises here. Is there a way to watch over social media activities without violating someone’s privacy while still maintaining safety and privacy?

Top ‘View Private Instagram’ Apps

To answer these inquiries, let us take a look at the top ten private Instagram viewer applications. It is important to use these tools thoughtfully and responsibly.


Glassagram is an outstanding app. It is designed for monitoring Instagram activities and particularly focusing on the comprehensive parental control features. It helps parents watch over their child’s phone, protecting them from inappropriate content and online risks. It boasts an array of features including GPS tracking, content filtering and setting screen-time limits. It places a strong emphasis on safeguarding data privacy and adheres to international data protection regulations. To access all the features you need to get the monthly premium package of the app that costs $59.19.


EyeZy is one another app where one can view private Instagram messages. It offers features such as message viewing and recording across multiple platforms and anonymous browsing through its ‘invisible shield’ feature. The premium version starts at $47.99 per month.

xMobi InstaHack

Xmobi InstaHack is a game-changing private Instagram viewer app. It offers a user-friendly interface and an innovative feature for accessing concealed photos and videos. You can access the premium version for just $11.66 per month.

Private Insta

Private Insta is an effortless Instagram private profile viewer app designed for Android, iOS, Windows and OSX devices. It requires no unlock codes or third-party installations and is free to use.


Hoverwatch is an option for those who may not be tech-savvy but still want access to certain Instagram profiles. It offers call tracking, SMS monitoring, GPS location tracking and the ability to monitor smart devices. The monthly package starts at $28.


Mspy lets you secretly keep an eye on Instagram profiles. It can be easily installed on the device of the person you want to track and is ideal for parents seeking to access their children’s devices. The premium version is priced at $48.99 per month.


Umobix is a user-friendly mobile spying app that allows you to access private Instagram accounts. It offers GPS tracking, call monitoring and text message tracking. The one-month subscription costs $49.99.


InstaLooker is a free and user-friendly online tool for accessing private Instagram accounts. No downloads needed.


Gwaa is a free Instagram story viewer that offers a private peek into the profiles you want to check out. It is 100% free to use and has an easy-to-understand user interface.


LikeCreeper allows users to check hidden photos, videos and download media from any Instagram profile by providing the Instagram username. It is safe and legal to use in most countries and is free to use.

Use ‘View Private Instagram’ Tools Responsibly

Although these private Instagram viewer apps come with diverse features, it is important to emphasize the need for respecting privacy and ethical norms when using them. Here are a few essential points to remember:

Legal Considerations
Before using these apps, carefully review the terms and conditions of use. In some countries, the use of such applications to check any Instagram profile may be legal. However, it is important to follow legal conditions and proceed with caution.

Privacy Protection
Respect the privacy of individuals whose Instagram profiles you are accessing. Do not share or misuse any personal or sensitive information you obtain.

Ethical Use
Ensure that your use of these tools is ethical and does not harm or harass anyone. Use them responsibly for legitimate reasons.

FAQs for ‘View Private Instagram’

What are the best apps for viewing private Instagram accounts?

The top apps for private Instagram account viewing and monitoring are Glassagram, eyeZy, xMobi, Private Insta, Hoverwatch and mSpy.

Is the use of a private Instagram viewer app legal?

The legality of employing private Instagram viewer apps can differ based on the country and region. It is recommended that users thoroughly examine the app’s terms and conditions, and when uncertain, consult with legal professionals to ensure adherence to local regulations.

Which private Instagram viewer app is available for free?

Gwaa and Private Insta offer no-cost access, although they provide a restricted feature set. For additional features, you can consider the premium versions of apps like Glassagram, eyeZy, and xMobi.

Is there a way to view an Instagram profile privately without participating in a survey?

Yes, you can use online platforms like LikeCreeper and Gwaa, which do not require you to go through a survey or human verification process to access Instagram profiles.


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