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How to Professional-Looking Graphics For Dummies

This is the digital age. Visuals serve as powerful tools for capturing audience attention and simultaneously convey brand messages effectively. Visuals are very much required in the layout of a website. The images shared on social media too require the same. Similarly, visuals are integral part in the design elements in marketing materials. Compelling graphics play a crucial role in driving engagement as well as strengthening brand recognition. Moreover, studies have shown that consistent brand presentation across all platforms can lead to a significant increase in revenue. This highlights the importance of visual design in modern marketing strategies.

However, small businesses and individuals fail to afford the cost. Hiring professional graphic designers is costly. So, what is the way out. Yes, free graphic design tools are the solutions. More and more people lately are turning to free graphic design tools. The online graphic design software offers a range of features and templates to create stunning visuals. In this guide, we will explore some free graphic design tools and specifically tailored for novice graphic designers. We will also provide some tips and insights on how to make the most of each tool.


Canva is one of the top-rated and most popular free graphic design tools. It stands out as one of the most popular and user-friendly online graphic design software. It is equipped with extensive library of templates, graphics and design elements. It simplifies the design process for beginners as well as seasoned designers. Creating social media posts, marketing materials or presentations are now easy. It offers intuitive features and customization options. It helps in bringing ideas to life. More to all these, Canva’s automatic color suggestion feature is excellent and its mobile app make the tool versatile for on-the-go designing.


DesignWizard is one of the best Canva alternatives. It provides a wealth of design features for free. It is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users. It is equipped with more than 10,000 templates and a vast library of images, videos as well as graphics. It offers endless possibilities for creative expression. However, people may find some limitations in its free version while exporting designs. Professionals are recommended to get its pro version to explore a plethora of features.


Those who are looking for creating infographics for free, Piktochart is one of the best tools. It offers a user-friendly platform with hundreds of templates and design elements to choose from. The free version includes several features and these are highly useful, but downloads may contain a watermark. A paid version gives the flexibility of downloading without watermark. Piktochart provides ample opportunities for visual storytelling and data visualization too. Hence, it is a valuable tool for content creators and marketers alike.


Pixlr is a versatile image editor and it is available online as well as in the form of mobile app. It offers a wide range of editing tools to enhance photos. While not as comprehensive as professional software like Adobe Photoshop, it provides ample features for basic photo editing and graphic design. Its accessibility and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for beginners who are looking to improve their visual content.


Described as a “creative tool so easy a toddler could use it,” Colorcinch offers a user-friendly platform for photo editing as well as graphic design. It comes with free graphics, templates and essential editing tools. It caters to users of all skill levels. However, its premium features are available with a subscription and offers a plethora of more features compared to the free version.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is also considered as one of the best Canva alternatives. It offers a range of templates and design features for creating posters, videos and social media graphics. However, it is not as robust as Adobe Illustrator. But Spark does provide ample customization options as well as integration with other Adobe products. It is easy to use and it is equipped with intuitive interface too. It is hence a valuable tool for beginners who are looking to elevate their visual content.


Krita is an open-source painting program. It is one of the best free graphic design tools and perfect for artists and designers. It comes with advanced tools for digital painting and illustration. It provides powerful features for creative projects like customizable user interfaces and a wide range of brushes and effects. It is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced artists. It offers ample opportunities for artistic expression.


Vectr online graphic design software offers web-based as well as desktop applications. It is accessible across devices. It is rich with features for presentations, logos and 2D graphics. It is simple and equipped with clean vector graphics. Moreover, its collaborative features enable seamless teamwork on design projects. This makes it a valuable tool for individuals and teams alike.


Inkscape is an open-source graphic design tool that is ideal for creating logos, illustrations and graphics. It comes with user-friendly interface and advanced features like alpha transparency support and embedded bitmaps. It offers a viable alternative to premium software like Adobe Illustrator. It is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced designers. It provides ample opportunities for creative expression.

Google Chart

Google Chart is a versatile tool for creating graphs and charts that can be easily embedded into web pages and spreadsheets. It comes with customizable options and a user-friendly interface. It makes transformation of data easy into visually appealing visuals. It is best for presenting data to stakeholders or enhancing website with interactive charts. It offers ample functionality for data visualization.


Infogram basically specializes in infographic design. It offers templates and tools for creating engaging visuals. It comes with interesting features like uploading pictures and videos, and animating charts and graphics. It provides ample opportunities for audience engagement. It is being best used by marketers, educators and content creators. It offers valuable tools for visual storytelling as well as data visualization.

Pros of Free Graphic Design Tools

Cost-Effective Solutions

Free graphic design tools provide an affordable alternative to hiring professional graphic designers. These make it feasible for small businesses and individuals with limited budgets to create high-quality visuals.


The free graphic design tools are accessible to users of all skill levels including beginners who may not have prior experience with graphic design software.

Wide Range of Features

Many of these design tools are equipped with a comprehensive range of features such as templates, graphics and customization options. These allow users to create professional-looking graphics with ease.


From social media posts to presentations and infographics, these cater to diverse design needs. These make them suitable for various projects as well as marketing materials.

User-Friendly Interfaces

These come with user-friendly interfaces to make design process simple. These enable users to create visually appealing graphics without extensive training or technical expertise.

Mobile Accessibility

Some free design tools comes with mobile apps too and so allows users to design on-the-go and providing flexibility and convenience for busy professionals.

Cons of Free Graphic Design Tools

Limited Features in Free Versions

While free design tools offer many useful features, some advanced functionalities may be restricted just to paid subscriptions.

Watermarked Downloads

Designs created with free versions of certain tools may contain watermarks when downloaded, potentially detracting from the professional appearance of the final product.

Storage Limitations

Some free design tools may impose storage limitations for saved designs and require users to manage their projects carefully to avoid exceeding capacity.

Less Customization in Free Versions

Certain customization options and premium graphics may only be available with paid subscriptions and this limits creative flexibility for users on free versions.

Learning Curve for Advanced Features

While free design tools are user-friendly, mastering advanced features may require time as well as practice.

Dependence on Internet Connection

Many free design tools operate primarily as web-based platforms. This requires a stable internet connection for seamless access and functionality.


There is a plethora of free graphic design tools available on the Internet. Some are free and some paid. Some offers limited free version while explore complete features require a paid subscription. In this article titled ‘Free Design Tools for Creating Professional-Looking Graphics (Even if You’re Not a Designer),’ we discussed about a dozen free graphic design tools like Canva, DesignWizard, Pixlr, Adobe Spark, Infogram and Google Chart.

The abundance of free graphic design tools has democratized the design process. These have empowered individuals with limited experience to create professional-looking graphics. These have also empowered small companies which usually function under tight budget. Whether you are a small business owner, marketer, or enthusiast, these tools offer endless possibilities for creative expression as well as brand promotion. By exploring the features and capabilities of each tool, beginners too can display their skills and elevate their visual content to new heights. So, it is our suggestion not to hesitate to explore these free design tools and unleash your creativity.


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