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How to Optimize the AliExpress Affiliate Program

Do you have an online presence? Are you planning to build one? If yes, affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money for you. AliExpress Affiliate Program is one of the most popular one. It stands out due to its wide range of products and competitive commission rates. Here is a simple guide to help you optimize the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

AliExpress is an online shopping platform. It connects shoppers with retailers. However, most of the retailers are from China while the buyers are from across the world. It offers over 150 million products in various categories. It is a good rival to Amazon, Shein and eBay online shopping platforms. The AliExpress Affiliate Program allows individuals and companies to earn commissions by promoting the products.

You need to have an online presence to join the program. Register on the platform first and thereafter choose products as an affiliate to it. Generate unique tracking links and start promoting the products to your audience. If someone clicks on a tracking link and makes a purchase within a set time frame, you earn a commission. You can promote through blogs, price comparison sites, shopping platforms and other such platforms.

AliExpress program pays commissions only for completed transactions and it is up to 9% on most products. You can also earn up to 90% for promotional items known as “Hot Products.” The cookie duration for tracking the purchases is usually three days.

AliExpress Affiliate Program offers a vast inventory of products. it is supported in 200 countries and regions. It provides required useful tools, tutorials and promotional materials. However, there are issues like fake sellers and products, slow shipping, and a negative perception of Chinese products. Moreover, affiliates need to sell high volumes to make substantial earnings as the products are low priced.

To get started, create an account on the AliExpress Affiliate Program website or through its affiliate networks like Awin, FlexOffers or CJ Affiliate. Submit your details and wait for approval. The approval usually takes 1 to 3 business days. Success in the program requires a stable online presence. It is suggested to target an audience who are likely to purchase products on AliExpress.


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