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How to Create PDFs with Google Drive’s Mobile Scanning Features

In today’s fast-paced tech world, Google Drive is stepping up to make life simpler for Android users. They have given a boost to the document scanning feature and hence the creating process of PDFs is now highly easy. The good news does not stop here. If you are using an iPhone (that’s an iOS device), exciting upgrades are coming your way soon. It means the cool feature that Android users are currently enjoying will soon be right at your fingertips.

So, imagine turning your real papers into digital PDFs without any issue. That is what Google Drive is doing. They are making things easier than before for both Android and iPhone users. Just stay tuned, the iOS users, your devices are in for a treat with the upcoming upgrades.

In this article titled ‘How to Create PDFs with Google Drive’s Mobile Scanning Features,’ we will take a brief look at the process to creating PDFs with the help of mobile scanning feature of Google Drive.

Starting the PDF Journey

If you have an Android phone, making your papers digital and turning them into PDFs is like a fun little journey now. Just open your Google Drive app and tap on the + New button or the camera icon. It is like the beginning of a simple and easy adventure. So, if you want to change your real papers into digital ones, Google Drive is here to make it simple and kind of like a little adventure for you.

Effortless Auto Capture

Making a scan with your phone is now super easy and kind of like magic. Just hold your phone over the paper you want to scan and the so-called Auto Capture does the magic. You will see a blue outline pop up around your paper and that means it is all done. It is really quick, works fast and almost feels like it knows exactly what you need. It is so simple.

Choosing the Manual Scan

If you want to take your time and not rush, there is a cool choice called manual scan. You can pick this option by tapping on the so-called Manual on the scan page. But here is a little tip for you. The Auto capture is really fast. So, it is suggested to be careful while using the feature. When you feel ready, just tap the button that looks like a camera to take the scan at your own pace. It is like choosing between going fast or slow when you are making a scan with your phone.

Checking and Improving in Preview Mode

Once you have done the scan, it shows up on something called the Preview page. Here, you get to do some cool stuff. You can check it, cut it smaller, turn it around or even give it special looks with filters. And if you are feeling really creative, you can add more pages by tapping on a plus sign next to the small picture of your scan. When everything looks just right, tap on Done at the top right. It is like having a bunch of tools to make your scan look exactly how you want it.

Saving with Ease

Now, you are on the Save to Drive page. Google Drive suggests a file name, but you are in charge. Change the name, pick a new place to save it or even use a different account. When you are set, tap Save at the top right.

iOS Users, Get Ready for the Upgrade

If you have an iPhone, there is good news. Exciting news for iPhone users. Google is adding cool updates. So, soon you can turn your documents into PDFs with just a few taps. Get ready for these awesome new features.

In a World Turning Digital

In the digital world, Google Drive’s mobile scanning is like a superhero for dealing with paperwork. It helps you easily turn papers into PDFs wherever you are. For iOS users, there is good news. An upgrade is on the way to make your journey into a paperless world even better. Get ready to say goodbye to paper hassles and hello to the simplicity of creating PDFs.


Google Drive’s latest mobile scanning is great news for Android and soon-to-be iPhone users. Making PDFs is now highly easy. It is like a simple adventure with your mobile phone and paper document. With options like Auto Capture for a quick scan and Manual Scan for those who prefer a slower pace, it caters to everyone’s preferences.

The Preview page lets you have fun editing and making your scans look cool. The final step, saving the scanned documents, is really simple and cool. Whether you are on Android or awaiting the iOS upgrade, Google Drive is set to make your paperless journey smooth and enjoyable.

In short, Google Drive’s mobile scanning makes dealing with paperwork super fast, easy and even fun. The upcoming iPhone upgrades will make it even better. Google Drive is making the switch to the digital world easy and fun for both Android and iPhone users.


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