Wednesday, July 17, 2024

How to Balance Productivity with Authenticity in AI Content Creation

Generative AI content writing is something like walking on a tightrope between productivity and authenticity. Yes, both cannot go together. It is also true that our traditional education system always emphasized originality and condemned plagiarism. It is no longer a novelty. It is being considered a powerful tool and said to stay here and especially in B2B marketing.

Recent data reveals 65% of B2B content marketers have plans to use generative AI tools to develop content. AI offers several benefits such as scaling content creation, boosting productivity and saving research time. But the primary concern is that whether AI-generated content maintain authenticity.

A simple answer is yes, but a balanced approach is required. Authenticity is highly important for B2B brands as the primary focus is always in building trust and upholding strong brand image.

Maintaining authenticity is important and it is suggested to have human oversight in AI content. AI-generated content sometimes miss the tone, style or relevance. Hence, fact-checking and quality control is required.

Enhancing AI content with human creativity prevents the content becoming too generic. AI should be seen as the first draft. Human editors should add strong brand identity. They should ensure that the content resonates with the audience.

Providing AI with detailed prompts can improve the output. The content creation process can therefore become more efficient. In brief, combining strengths of AI with human creativity can produce high-quality and authentic content. AI has the ability to generate idea, draft content, check spelling, optimize SEO, plan content and do the data analysis too.


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