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How much time have I wasted on LoL (League of Legends)?

League of Legends is celebrating its 10th anniversary last year. There is no doubt that League of Legends is one of the best multiplayer online battle games. League of Legends exists globally, with millions of players battling on the rift daily. Have you ever wondered how much time people have wasted in LOL? The site has an answer to your question. This site will let you know how many minutes, hours, or days you’ve played LOL and how many kilometers you could’ve walked.

Wasted On Lol

Wasted on LoL is easy to navigate. With the help of minimal links and clutter, one can detect things. On the site’s top bar menu, one can buy RP and check the 20 top player lists in each region.

Wasted on LoL can cover all accounts in servers directly hosted by Riot Games. A large portion of South East Asia, whose region is sponsored by Garena, needs to be covered here.

Wasted on LoL does not guarantee to facilitate a 100% accurate count of the hours played. However, it provides the estimated total hours.

How Can We Use Wol.Gg

Concerning the usage of, the process is quite simple:

Over the site’s homepage is a tab where you must enter your summoner’s name.

On the right side of that tab, one can select the region.

After this, click the “How much time I wasted on LoL” button.

This process will highlight the ranking position of your region and worldwide. This can also reflect the approx. Time you were spent reading a book, watching movies, and more. Twitter and Facebook share buttons are also available here.

How much time is wasted on League of Legends?

Visit and write your summoner’s name in the box at the center of the screen, then select your region from the dropdown list beside your name and click on the how much time I wasted on LOL.

After entering the accurate details, the number of minutes will be converted into hours or days. The page will also facilitate the details about the last played game.

What Is The Average Amount Of Time A Person Plays Lol For?

As per the statistics released by Riot Games, the average League of Legends player spent 832 hours on the game. This number is equivalent to almost 35 days. Given this number takes into account, new players are likely veterans in the game that may exceed this.

How Much Money Have People Spent On League Of Legends?

If you have a desire to attain knowledge about how much money you have people spent in League of Legends, all you need to do is sign in and get the balance of your paid cash in your current region.

Looking For Other Sites To Help You Improve Aside From Coaching?

Making the improvisation without using expensive coaching is both practical and straightforward. The simplicity comes with the various sites and programs available. Mobalytics facilitates frequently updated patch tier lists and the program to give tailored guided support in-game.

The analytics from the Mobalytics aids in steering you towards victory. On the other hand, despite LoLKing being dead, the user can efficiently utilize similar sites such as to improve the game. makes viewing item build paths and masteries from any player easy. This includes your favorite League of Legends YouTubers and streamers.

This strategy is adaptable for new players who need more time to spend hours watching pros or streamers to improve.


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