Thursday, July 25, 2024

Google’s Email Policies Get Makeover Starting Next Month

Google is making email rules tougher, especially for companies sending lots of emails to Gmail. They shared this plan in October to make emails safer and cut down on annoying spam.

Under the new standards, entities sending over 5,000 emails per day to Gmail addresses must adhere to specific guidelines. A really important rule is to prove emails are real by using things like SPF, DKIM, or DMARC. This makes sure the emails are genuine and trustworthy.

Additionally, Gmail now mandates high-volume email senders to provide an easy, one-click option for recipients to unsubscribe. Furthermore, senders are obligated to honor unsubscribe requests within two business days.

Bulk senders must also stay below a defined spam threshold set by Google to prevent their emails from being marked as spam. Going beyond this limit poses the risk of having emails filtered out as spam.

To assist businesses in complying with these changes by the February deadline, Google offers guidance. This includes using a trusted email-sending service, maintaining an updated email list by removing inactive or unengaged recipients, segmenting the list for more targeted communication, personalizing email content to enhance engagement and facilitating easy unsubscribing from emails.

Google thinks most good companies already do well with emails. These new rules are not perfect, but Google hopes they will make emails safer and less annoying by reducing spam. They believe these measures will help create a more secure and spam-free email world.

Here is the important thing for email marketers. If they follow the new rules, they can keep reaching their subscribers in a good way. Whether a company has over 5,000 subscribers or a smaller email list, following these standards can not only ensure compliance but also improve overall email deliverability.


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