Thursday, July 18, 2024

Google’s Blueprint for Small Sites to Surpass Reddit and Major Competitors

Google’s Gary Illyes lately shared some valuable insights on how small sites can compete against Reddit, Amazon and other giants. It is true that big brands are currently dominating search engine results pages (SERPs). Hence, it is suggested that smaller players should find creative ways to stand out.

Illyes addressed to a key question that how can smaller brands compete against big names that often monopolize search results. He acknowledged that the challenge is not new and big brands have always occupied top SERP positions. However, the small sites can find ways to outmaneuver the giants.

He highlighted that the key to success is to wait for someone else to innovate and then emulate strategy or developing a unique approach oneself. He emphasized importance of proactive thinking and innovative marketing strategies.

One common strategy is to target long tail keywords. Such keywords can drive significant traffic to small sites and can offer a niche audience. Hence, small sites can build a strong foundation and gradually target more competitive keywords.

Illyes said the perceived crumbs left by big brands are rich opportunities for small sites. New long tail keywords emerge every day and provide ample chances for small sites to gain traffic. Building relevance through long tail keywords can pave the path for getting high-traffic search terms later on.

Personal experience and client work have shown that outranking established big sites is possible and also achievable. There is a good history of SEO that shows small sites have outpaced slower-moving giants. Leveraging unique strengths and focusing on smart marketing strategies can help small sites in carving out their space in the SERPs.


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