Saturday, July 20, 2024

Google Signals Significant Update to SEO Starter Guide

Google is giving a major facelift to its SEO Starter Guide – the handbook for SEO pros. This was spilled on the “Search Off The Record” podcast by Google’s Search Relations team.

The current guide, with over 8,000 words, is a hot favorite for those who are diving into Google Search tricks. Lizzi Harvey and Gary Illyes spilled the beans that big changes are on the horizon.

Why is this guide such a big deal? Well, it is the third most-viewed page on Google’s Search Central site. That means a lot of people are checking it out to up their website game.

So, what is the plan? The Google team wants to make things simple and especially for those who are just stepping into the website-building world. The guide will become shorter, around 3,000 words, ditching confusing tech talk for plain language. No more diving into HTML code to understand SEO.

Why the change? WordPress and Wix make building websites easy for everyone, no coding needed. This guide helps you grasp SEO without confusing tech talk, giving everyone a shot at improving their website’s online visibility.

The podcast shared a cool revelation: SEO is not outdated. Despite rumors, the SEO Starter Guide remains popular, showing that mastering SEO is still crucial for online success.

But wait, there is more to know. The changes are about making things simple and more helpful. No more confusing info overload – just clear tips. Lizzi Harvey mentioned they want the guide to be easy for newbies and still valuable for the pros.

So, brace yourselves for a fresh and friendlier SEO Starter Guide, bringing the magic of SEO to everyone, whether you are starting out or already a web whiz.


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