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Generative AI’s Role in Modern SEO Marketing

Online content landscape has changed a lot over the years. Major shifts have been witnessed from the dawn of search-engine optimization (SEO) to the rise of frosted tips in the ’90s. Now, generative AI is in the scene and it is a completely new player. Content is now a different game with it.

It is true that SEO improves website visibility on search engines and for long it has been the battlefield for marketers who look to outwit search algorithms. However, generative AI has strengthened promotional aspects of marketers.

Marketers are now taking help of generative AI to bolster the SEO strategies. They are generating tailored content ideas that align with the brand identity and objectives. The AI-generated concepts thereafter are then refined by subject-matter experts. The process ensures accuracy as well as relevance.

The impact is palpable. Marcel Digital SEO director Joe Stoffel recounts 555% year-over-year increase in website traffic after employing generative AI in content strategy. The website now boasts valuable content and significantly enhances its organic search-engine rankings.

Generative AI also extends its influence to internal linking protocols. It is another crucial aspect of SEO. Agencies like Marcel Digital use ChatGPT and other similar tools in tandem with web crawlers to audit as well as optimize internal linking structures. This boosts website visibility further.

AI simultaneously helps marketers in crafting targeted marketing strategies. Marketers can tailor metadata, calls-to-action and ad campaigns to drive targeted traffic.

Even there is a plethora of advantages, marketers should use it with caution. Agencies are implementing safeguards to ensure ethical and accurate utilization of AI technologies. There are several measures to follow such as anonymizing customer data and human oversight in content generation to mitigate potential risks.


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