Thursday, July 25, 2024

Generative AI’s Influence on Internet Searching and SEO

Internet technology is lately evolving at a rapid pace and changes are always on the horizon. The new buzz is around OpenAI’s AI-powered search tools. Yes, such tools which are powered by artificial intelligence. This has sparked questions. People are worried about the new shape of the internet searching as well as its impact on the SEO industry.

Let us start with the current state of internet searching. We type a query and get countless search results equipped with sine annoying pop-ups. We get lost in the paragraphs of SEO-optimized content to find a simple answer. Hence, the experience is not always smooth.

Now, there is a completely different scenario. We ask a question to a tool like ChatGPT. We get instant response. There is no hassle. It is the work of generative AI. It is quicker, cleaner and less frustrating. However, accuracy might be a concern.

So, the concern is that whether the change is forever. Will people start skipping traditional search engines? Microsoft Bing and Google Search have already started integrating generative AI into their search features to streamline the user experience.

So, what about the SEO part now? The SEO industry is worth billions and basically relies on tricks to get websites noticed by search engines. Will the segment become obsolete? The answer is not very clear. It is yet to understand the new shape of searching on the internet.

The rise of generative AI is sure to transform how we search for information online. We need to follow wait and watch strategy now. Whether it is a complete overhaul or a gradual shift, it is yet to witness. But one thing is very sure that the digital landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and so are our search habits.


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