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Essential Role of Email Deliverability in Marketing Strategies

Can you rationalize yourself why you miss important updates from Google or Yahoo? The possible answer is that their emails landed up in your spam folder. Can you rationalize what is behind the scenes. It is because the tech giants are always working hard to fight against spam emails. This means that email marketers are facing new challenges frequently to overcome the scene.

However, it can still be found that email marketing is more popular than ever. Brands are spending more money to engage with customers. But are marketers changing their strategies to deal with these new challenges?

One important aspect is “email deliverability.” It ensures that the emails have actually landed up in the inboxes. It is important because if your emails go to the spam folder, people might never see them.

You need to follow some simple rules to ensure the emails land in inboxes. These rules are basically a security guard to people to ensure only the desired emails are landed in the inboxes and not all the spam emails.

It is also important to pay attention to certain essential things like how people are interacting with the emails. If users like the subject of the emails and open those, it is likely that future emails will land in their inboxes.

Some tricks can be used to make the emails land in inboxes. You should always ask people if they want to receive your emails before sending them. If someone does not want to receive the emails from certain point of time, the unsubscribe button should be easily available to them.

Lastly, it is important to note that email is not the only way to reach people. It is just one part of a big marketing game. It is important to think about how email fits into the marketing strategy. It is possible  there could be other ways too.


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