Saturday, July 20, 2024

Envision App Breathes New Life into Google Glass

Google Glass was once dismissed. It looked like a dropped project. However, it has now found new way to breath and it is through Envision, a pioneering company that is dedicated to aiding the visually impaired with cutting-edge technology.

The journey of Envision started with a smartphone app, which is now called as Envision AI. It gained much popularity in 2017. Its app utilizes a phone camera to identify and read signs, objects, menus, books and more in real time. It revolutionized navigation for visually impaired individuals.

Envision is now sought to innovate further. It has developed Envision Glasses that integrates capabilities of the app into sleek and modern-looking smart glasses. It has collaborated with Google and this is

Pivotal as Envision can now leverage Google Glass technology for their innovative product. The Envision Glasses comes at various price ranges between $1,899 and $3,499.

Envision Glasses were first introduced in 2020 and since then have undergone significant improvements and particularly during the AI boom.

The impact of AI has reduced dependency on online connectivity and it has expanded functionality too. The primary features offered include face recognition and the ability to make video calls directly from the glasses. It is empowering users in various tasks, from reading menus to navigating bustling streets.

The global assistive technology market is projected to reach $32.25 billion by 2030 and this surge is attributed to technological advancements, an aging population as well as increasing prevalence of disabilities.

The commitment of Envision is that the accessibility extends beyond their glasses. The company continues to prioritize exposure for its app. It even has plans to launch a desktop version and expand compatibility with other tech platforms look like Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses.


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