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End of SEO? Google’s Generative AI Search Raises Questions

The digital landscape is very vast. It seems unending. Searching for something is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Well, it would be better if the searching step is eliminated and we can get direct answer to what we are searching. This is exactly happening these days with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Google is using generative AI search for the purpose.

It is an innovative approach if the search giant and has been brewing since last May. However, it has gained attention lately with new features like gift recommendations and virtual clothing try-ons. It is not a minor tweak. In fact, it is a game-changer.

Experts like Texas A&M’s Ravi Sen predict that this AI-driven search could spell the end for such small to midsize companies which are relying on traditional SEO tactics. Some foresee significant changes while others believe that SEO will adapt instead of witnessing perish entirely.

SEO in simple term is the art of making websites more visible to users. It is about understanding how the search engines work and simultaneously how to make the website search engine friendly.

Lately, both Google and Microsoft are experimenting with AI-powered search functions. Google promise a more interactive and intuitive search experience with it. Bing is offering a chatbot feature on its homepage and it is powered by AI.


Generative AI search is an advanced approach to online searching. It is basically powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It allows users to engage with search engines more interactively. It enable users to ask questions and receive direct answers.

How does SEO work?

SEO involves online strategies used by marketers to enhance the visibility of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). It includes optimizing content to match user queries, improving website structure as well as performance and adhering to search engine guidelines.

Why are some experts concerned about the impact of generative AI search on SEO?

Some experts worry that generative AI search could kill the traditional SEO tactics completely. They fear that AI-driven search engines may prioritize various factors for ranking content. It will potentially land small to midsize companies into disadvantage as they rely heavily on SEO for visibility.

How do Google and Microsoft’s generative AI search initiatives differ?

Google and Microsoft are both experimenting with generative AI search. However, their approaches are different with respect to features offered. Google’s pilot program, accessible through Google Labs, offers an immersive search experience with features like gift recommendations. Microsoft’s Bing integrates AI-driven chatbots directly into its search interface.


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