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Crucial Role of SEO in Modern Job Opportunities for Freshers

Digitalization is ever-evolving and the demand for professionals who can drive traffic to websites organically has grown several folds in recent years. Even though there is a growing awareness of search engine optimization (SEO), many are still unfamiliar with the specific skills which are required to master the art. Freshers entering the related job market need to understand and acquire SEO skills to unlock opportunities.

SEO skill is important for optimizing websites and enhancing visibility in search engine results.  It is required to drive organic traffic. Varun Gupta, Head-D2C Business at Hero Vired, emphasized the importance of expertise in keyword research and other SEO skills. He said that employers today are highly valuing fresh talent with SEO expertise.

It is here to note that SEO is an art as well a science. It involves optimization of site content to enhance rankings on search engines like Google. Jaideep Kewalramani, COO & Head of Employability Business at TeamLease Edtech, highlighted the necessity of technical optimization and data analytics skills.

Mastering SEO skills offers freshers a competitive edge. It opens the doors to roles in digital marketing, content creation and web development. Individuals can quickly advance in their career and enjoy long-term benefits. SEO knowledge simultaneously fosters adaptability to digital trends and this leads to sustained career growth in areas like data analytics, digital strategy, content marketing and e-commerce management.

SEO experts can advance to roles such as SEO manager, digital marketing manager and chief marketing officer (CMO). SEO will remain a critical skill for many years to come. Industries with high demand for SEO skills include e-commerce, digital marketing, IT, media, real estate, healthcare, hospitality and startups. Freshers can secure roles with entry-level salaries in India ranging from Rs 2.5-4.5 lakh annually.


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