Create a Free Blog on Blogspot / Blogger

Create a Free Blog on Blogspot _ Blogger

Having your own FREE blog blog where you will be able to share your knowledge and experience is great. Because you’re sharing your knowledge with others, you’re helping people in your way. Many people are doing, why not you? For giving it one try on blogging will not harm you. or can help you to begin the blog for totally FREE. There’re a lot of blogging platforms that give you to start the blog FREE, from which two platforms are highly popular ones and highly used ones, that is blog on the and other is the blog on Here we have given the Step-By-Step procedure on how you can start the FREE blog at, check if you prefer the Free on!

Before signing up for the new blog on, you need to give a little thought on what kinds of topics you are planning to cover on the blog. The first things that you’re asked is a name of blog. Name is very important because it will attract your readers on your blog. It must be unique—and Blogger can help you know if this isn’t—simple to remember, and linked to your topic.

What’s a site?

A website is similar to an online journal that’s regularly updated through a person or set of people. Each upgrade on a website is known as a post. The articles could be contingent upon a specific subject or several subjects based on this site’s market. The most recent reports on the site look i.e.they look in reverse chronological order.

Why is it that blogging?

There are a lot of reasons for which individuals begin blogging. To name a couple:

  • Supporting a societal cause
  • Professional media
  • Showcasing their composing abilities
  • Earning Money on the Internet via ads on the site
  • Marketing a company online.

Blogger Vs. Blogspot

Google equally owns and Blogger is a publishing stage. Also, Blogspot is a domain name supplier. Blogspot requires Blogger because of its use, but Blogger doesn’t require Blogspot. Both of them are free of cost. So people produce a free site on Blogspot ( to generate income with no investment.

Blogger Vs. Blogspot

Benefits and Pitfalls of Blogspot

Benefits of Blogger

  • Easier to use compared to other blogging applications like WordPress
  • Plenty of options for customization
  • Free of cost
  • Can easily incorporate any of those other Google products

Quicker indexing: Blogspot websites Appear in Google search results within 24 hours.

Cons of Blogger

Blogspot provides lesser choices for plugins and themes.

You may readily eliminate visitors if you don’t keep upgrading your site.

In this case, we’ll be developing a site.

Let’s Get Started with Free Blog

In the computer browser, first go to page and click on Create New Blog to start the process to start your new blog.

Sign In With the Google Account

Suppose you aren’t logged into your Google account, you are asked to enter the Google login information. Suppose you do not already have the Google account, then follow prompts to make one.

Enter Blog Name in Your New Blog Screen

Enter your name you have selected for the blog and enter address that can precede in URL of the new blog in fields given. You can also add the custom domain later and custom domain replaces the in URL of your blog.

Choose the Theme

In a same screen, choose the theme for your blog. Themes can be illustrated onscreen. Just scroll through list and choose for now to create your blog. You can browse several additional themes & customize your blog later.

Offer for Optional Domain

You are prompted to find the personalized domain for your blog immediately. Suppose you wish to do this, you can scroll through list of the suggested domains, view price every year, and make the choice. Or, skip the option. You do not have to buy the personalized domain for your blog. You may use free indefinitely.

Writing the First Post

Now, you are ready to write down your first post on the new blog. Never get intimidated by empty screen.  Just click on Create New Post to get started immediately. Type brief message in this field and click on Preview button on the top of screen and see how your post look in a theme you chose. Preview loads in the new tab, but the action doesn’t publish the post.

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