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Boosting Creativity in SEO and Content Marketing Using SCAMPER

It is true that content is abundant in this digital era. However, good quality content is scarce. Most content is forgettable and just a small fraction of it stands out as remarkable. The goal of SEO and content marketer should be to create standout content.

Value Proposition Framework (VPF) is a tool worth noting as it focuses on understanding customer segments and generating ideas that solve their problems. However, it can still feel like everything has been done before. This may result in content that lacks standing out. This is where SCAMPER comes into play.

SCAMPER is a creative thinking technique and it helps in examining content from various perspectives to develop new ideas. The acronym stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put-to-another-use, Eliminate, and Rearrange/Reverse.

It was initially designed for creativity and problem-solving. It is also a potent tool for SEO planning and developing a unique strategy.

The key to success remains delivering value to audience. High-quality content is essential. However, it must be promoted widely to ensure engagement and visibility. Hence, it is important to create and promote exceptional content consistently.

SCAMPER helps break this cycle by encouraging new ways of thinking. By using this method, you can create content that stands out and attracts attention. Let’s delve into how SCAMPER can be applied to SEO and content marketing.

Substitute involves replacing parts of content with something new. One can substitute written instructions with animated GIFs to make content more engaging. Combine merges different elements and helps in creating something unique. This means combination provides a richer experience for audience.

Adaptation means repurposing content for different contexts. Do note that a popular blog post can become a podcast episode or an infographic. This will maximize value as well as reach.


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