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BerqWP – Boost WordPress Website Speed

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BerqWP stands out as a 100% automatic All-In-One speed optimization plugin. It not only ensures your website passes the core web vitals assessment but also boosts your website speed score to an impressive 90+ for both smartphone and desktop devices.

With BerqWP, you don’t need to worry about applying speed optimization techniques. It automatically implements all the modern techniques recommended by Google, ensuring your customers and visitors have a great, hassle-free experience.

Features of BerqWP

With BerqWP CDN, you can deliver static files such as JavaScript, images, CSS, and web fonts at lightning speed from our 300 global points of presence (PoPs). This feature, available for all websites using BerqWP Premium, ensures your content is delivered quickly and efficiently, enhancing user experience.

JavaScript Optimization: BerqWP Premium provides specialized JavaScript optimization features, which include JS delay and JS defer. It provides three distinct JavaScript optimization modes to address Core Web Vitals issues, such as render blocking.

Web Vitals Analytics: With BerqWP Premium, you can access Web Vitals Analytics on the BerqWP website. It enables you to track and monitor core web vitals and the website performance experienced by actual visitors.

Dedicated Support: You gain access to a dedicated support team, ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the help you need when needed.

Image Optimization: BerqWP compresses images, implements lazy loading, and provides a WebP conversion for faster visual content delivery.

Code Optimizations: Optimizes CSS and JavaScript for faster loading and better browser rendering performance.

Compatibility: Designed to work well with popular WordPress themes and plugins.

BerqWP Founders

Hamza Mairaj, created BerqWP, a cutting-edge plugin designed to automatically enhance Core Web Vitals for WordPress websites.

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  • Zero Configuration
  • Automatic Cache Warmup
  • Cache Invalidation
  • Image Optimization
  • Sandbox Optimization
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Lazy Load YouTube Videos
  • Critical CSS
  • CSS Optimization
  • Fonts Optimization

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