Email Marketing – Beginners Guide

Email Marketing - Beginners Guide


If you are somewhat familiar with Digital Marketing, you might have come across the term Email Marketing. So, you might have the following doubts about email marketing.

  • Why are they important in 2019…?
  • Does this email marketing strategy really works…?
  • What are its advantages over other digital marketing strategies…?

Well, I am here to clear all of your doubts. Let’s dive into the details.

Why email marketing…?

Why email marketing?

Today there are countless ways you can connect with your customers. You can post your advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can publish a pay per click advertisement on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., you can also adopt search engine optimization techniques to rank your website better. So, with this many alternative options, why do you need emails to promote your business…?

We all know about emails. Emails have been around as long as the Internet itself. As a beginner, you first need to figure out where most of your potential customers are hanging online so that you can advertise accordingly. Most beginners are tied between using Facebook or Instagram. But it’s equally essential for you to use email marketing as well.

Though Facebook and Instagram are the trending places where most of the people hang out in the late nights, email has a huge amount of active customers compared to those of both Facebook and Instagram. According to a study, nearly 90% of the Americans use email which specifies how effective email marketing could be.

Email Marketing - Beginners Guide
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Well, that’s a huge audience. Of that 90%, nearly 40% of the users check their emails 1-3 times a day! Other than newsletter subscriptions, people also use their emails for personal and professional communication. So, an email inbox is personal and private and this is a perfect place to have a 1 on 1 communication with your customers.

There is no other advertising method that allows you to have a constant and personal relationship with your customer without burning through your advertising budget. Speaking of burning through the budget, let us compare email marketing with Facebook marketing to see how it stands up.

Email marketing vs Facebook Marketing

The first and most competitive difference between Email and Facebook marketing is the price. You actually have to pay to run ads on Facebook. If you are testing different products, locations or ad copies, this cost can quickly add up! Email marketing, on the other hand, is free. Email services for new stores usually have a free plan, so you do not have to pay anything until you have a really huge customer base.

Email marketing vs Facebook Marketing

Unlike Facebook, you can send and test as many emails as required with your customers. Not only is email marketing is free, but it also gives you more freedom and space to talk to your customers. While running a Facebook ad, you are limited to what you can say in the ad copy. You got to be short and the structure doesn’t allow you to connect with your audience. When sending an email, there’s more space to personalize the experience for your customer. You have more room in the title and the body to share your content.

Finally, email marketing has a huge advantage over Facebook where your customer sees your message. When running a Facebook ad, one of the challenges is communicating your message genuinely. No matter the placement it will be labeled as an advertisement, which makes it harder for your audience to actually notice it. Emails, on the other hand, are sent directly to the customer’s inbox. So, you can personally engage with your customers through email which you cannot accomplish through an online ad.

Email Advertising tips

The objective of email advertising is, naturally, for people to start your message and react to your call to action. But customers (and also the email methods they use) are savvy, and that means you will need to be sure your email plan is, too.

Email Advertising tips

Here Are a Few Tips to Receive your email read (and from the junk filter):

  • Do not send too many email addresses. Even if clients enjoy your news, they do not need you to blow their inbox. So unless they register to get a daily newsletter, make conservative regarding how frequently you mail them.
  • Invest in marketing tools. Occasionally it is not exactly what you state from this message, but if you send your message. To get a more complex operation, think about using tools such as a system that decides the ideal time to deliver your message to every subscriber.
  • Avoid language that resembles spam: Clients will not see your email when it’s caught in the spam filter. Therefore prevent subject-line trademarks such as”click to win a trophy!” Additionally, as you desire readers who choose. You should also be sure clients can opt-out of the email and comply with other pertinent legal marketing and advertising requirements. Assess this FTC manual to learn more, and be sure that you check a legal professional for your individual needs.
  • Send clear, appealing messages. You do not wish to send an email that seems too fantastic to be true (or valid ). However, you do need to interest your clients with excellent offerings and easy-to-understand terminology. Square Email Marketing includes amazing, ready-to-use templates for unique events and regular messages.

The best way to begin an email marketing application

When you are prepared to begin using email advertising software, among the very first things you have to do is discover an email service provider, such as Square Marketing. Start looking for a simple platform to use and provides access to analytics so that you may readily ascertain your efforts’ success.

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Next, you have to begin constructing email lists. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Throughout your POS
  • With pushes inviting clients to subscribe to a mailing list in your Site
  • With calls to act on Social Networking

Before you begin reaching out to an own subscriber list, you ought to have a clear plan in mind. Such as your messages’ aims and a calendar outlining the kinds of email you are likely to send when you intend to ship them.

Provider? Check. As soon as you’ve obtained a supplier, subscriber listing, approach, and calendar set up, you are all set. Start sending


So, what are you waiting for…? Boost your business online through email marketing.

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