Saturday, July 20, 2024

Amazon Unveils App for Contactless Checkout with Amazon One Palm Recognition

Amazon has come up with Amazon One app to revolutionize shopping experience with contactless checkout. The innovative service is equipped with palm recognition technology to enable customers in making purchases effortlessly by just hovering palm over a device. The system is currently made available to about 500 Whole Foods Market stores, Amazon stores and more than 150 third-party locations.

The previous method of signing up was at physical retail locations. The process is now simple. Users just need to download the Amazon One app from the App Store or Google Play and complete the registration process using their palm. Customers can thereafter create an online profile and add a preferred payment method. Once done, users can integrate their palm into the system payments, entry access, age verification, loyalty rewards and other such transactions across a wide array of stores, stadiums, airports, fitness centers and more.

Amazon has employed robust encryption measures for safety of customers. The palm images are encrypted and securely transmitted to a dedicated Amazon One domain within the AWS cloud. Hence, it prevents unauthorized access and simultaneously safeguards the privacy of users.

The Amazon One app is a significant milestone in the evolution of contactless payment technology. Until now, the app has been used by more than 8 million times. This means the app is being widely accepted and adopted. Moreover, it shows Amazon’s broader utilization of palm recognition technology for enterprise identity verification purposes. This expansion enables companies to streamline authentication processes.

In brief, the Amazon One app is a giant leap forward in the contactless payment technology segment and it is offering unparalleled convenience, security and versatility as well to users across various sectors.


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