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5 Lesser-Known Practices for Bite-Sized Content in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important in climbing search engine rankings, driving traffic and making website visible to consumers. Here are five lesser-known SEO practices that can help in boosting website traffic.

Firstly, understanding user intent is crucial. Why would someone read your content? What would they search for to find it? Google aims to deliver content that closely matches search keywords. If someone searches for “buy chocolate cake,” the search will show places where chocolate cakes are sold. By aligning content with the search intent of user, you can gain a competitive edge.

Secondly, think of your website as a room. It is easier to find things in a neat and organized room. Similarly, an organized website too helps search engines and users to understand the relevance of your content. Hence, it is important to structure your website logically and improve navigation as well as searchability.

Apart from the above two factors, avoid duplicating content. Some websites display the same content under different URLs. It is not a spam, but it can result with poor user experience. Do ensure that each article is unique and properly indexed.

It is also equally important to craft compelling title tags and meta descriptions. The elements appear on search engine result pages and hence can impact click-through rates significantly. A unique and engaging title tag can draw users in. It is suggested to invest time in writing the title tags.

Finally, optimize your images. Proper image optimization enhances visual appeal of your website and also improves the loading speed as well as performance. It is suggested to choose the right file type and size. It is also suggested to compress images to minimize their size without sacrificing quality.


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