4 Tips to write clickbait titles for your article

4 Tips to write clickbait titles for your article


Ever tried blogging…? If you have then you must be familiar with how hard it is to attract users and encourage them to read your article. Eight out of ten people are gonna read your article but only two out of ten people are gonna click through and read the rest of your article. Why so…?

4 Tips to write clickbait titles for your article 1

Because a majority of people tend to read the full article if and only if they find the title interesting enough to continue. If your article is not so successful in driving traffic then you might need to rethink about the headlines of your articles.

This is where the concept of ‘Clickbait Titles’ come.

Clickbait titles

Ever heard of the word bait. Well, literally bait is nothing but a kind of trap for catching fishes or other animals which involves a hook with food or something that attracts the prey. Okay, I understand…, you might be wondering what does this have to do with driving traffic to your blog. You have to bait your customers to encourage them to read your full article with your catchy and interesting Headlines…!!!

Sounds Interesting…? Well, let us discuss some tips to write such kick-ass headlines which encourages people to really go through your article.

1. Use 6-7 words for Blog Title

The first thing you need to keep in mind before writing a blog post is the title of your post should be roughly 6 to 7 words long. A Blog title consisting of 6 to 7 words does a lot better than one with as less as 2 to 3 or as more as 20 to 25. Why so…? Because it’s either too little so it doesn’t explain the visitor or reader what they are gonna get when they read the entire article, or it’s too long it’s just too overwhelming and it’s a sentence and no one’s gonna read it.

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Also, when it’s around 6-7 words it tends to fit really well and when you do a Google search, the title in most cases won’t be cut off because it’s not too long.

The above is a comparison of page-1 and page-3 search results for a particular query. You can see that those articles which perfectly fit and didn’t cut off are in the page-1 and those which are too long ended up in the further pages.

2. Use adjectives in your headlines

The second thing you need to do is use adjectives. When you use adjectives with your headline, more people are gonna click on it.

For example, if I wrote 4 tips to write titles for your article, there are chances that you wouldn’t have clicked on my article. As I used the adjective Clickbait, people tend to click on it out of curiosity and interest to know the full details.

3. Consider using the years in the headline

The third thing you need to do is consider using the year in the headline. You don’t always wanna do this and this may not work for every type of blog post but if used appropriately, it can get you more clicks.

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It is more useful for detailed and educational articles. If you are gonna write about “The Beginner’s guide to SEO” then it is better if you can put within the title “updated 2019” and that causes a lot more clicks because people know it’s fresh.

4. Know your reader base

The fourth thing you need to know is to know your reader base. Suppose, most of your readers are marketers who are just starting off, so if you can write like how they can get more search traffic without spending any money.

In that way, it appeals to them a lot and those titles get a lot of social shares, click-throughs, and tons of reads.


Based on Peter Koechley, the Co-Founder of all Upworthy.com, “The distinction between a fantastic headline and a lousy headline could be just enormous. It is not a rounding error. As soon as we examine headlines we see 20 percent gap, 50% gap, 500% gap. An extremely excellent headline could make some thing go viral” Friends. I do not know about you, but a 500 percent gap in visitors personally is enormous!

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If this does not alter your understanding of how precious headlines are, then nothing will. We will need to bear in mind that the headline will be your first thing your viewers will see rather than the backup’s entire body. That said, in case your audience discovers your headlines dull (or when it is not”click-worthy” sufficient to these ). They will never click on it to find out what sort of articles you ready for them. 

Remember, your primary headline’s objective is to grab your viewer’s attention and make them click on your link. As soon as they’re on your internet page, it then becomes the responsibility of your subheadings (H2, H3, H4, etc…). That is to create your content scannable and make it a lot easier for your visitors to absorb your articles. These subheadings are not clickbait names, per se. However, they don’t keep the eyeballs moving farther down your articles.

Secret of Creating Amazing Headlines

There’s a reason why a few experienced authors choose 20–30 efforts at generating and analyzing headline variants till they figure out how to get the top individual. Headlines are THAT important, therefore that they do not cut corners when developing them. Sure. The notion of producing 20 to 30 variants can be very daunting. But the truth is, even if you’re genuinely intent on creating something epic, even then, you want to receive your palms down and filthy. 

Why am I speaking about headline variants, you may like to inquire? Straightforward. That is because you will never truly have the ability to ascertain that the”top headline” before you take some opportunity to supercharge your headline variants from each other during testing. It’s just through performing divide tests when you can observe the numbers firsthand and have a crystal clear notion of how each headline variant performed. Now, you merely have to compare the amounts and pick the very best performing version.


Before discussing my headline production process, I would like us to discuss the typical mistakes that many authors make when making their headlines. It is vital because committing these errors may render all your content production efforts futile. I say this since there’s a significant probability your audience will only discount your post if you commit some of them. That means all of the attempts you just spent planning, writing, composing, editing, proofreading, and diluting your articles will have been for nothing since your viewers will not get the opportunity to realize your content.


So, if you use those tactics, you are gonna be able to create a catchy blog post title that people are gonna read, click through and then, read the rest of your blog posts.

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