4 Different Hosting Services for your Business

Different Web Hosting Services

What is Hosting ??

Web hosting service providers give guide to a start-up e-commerce company, retailers and small size business organizations to communicate information to promote business through their classic websites. Post unique and informative web pages to attract online visitors. Different web hosting companies are here with their affordable packs to mobilize the process of business expansion, and product promotion.

Internet users will have a look at your premium website to go through content, check photo galleries and sale updates on their androids. Various types of hosting services are now provided at discounts. Choose the best web hosting service to have regular backup to enhance the increase in the volume of web traffic with quick page view rates to outperform strong participants on Google. It is essential for a beginner to assess pros and cons of any basic or standard web hosting service before making final commitment.

Which website hosting is right for you?

Shared Hosting Services

See, share web hosting service portal is something like home sharing with your friends to make overnight stays. You will have to compromise while living with your co-mates under the same roof. Same way, shared web hosting service is meant for a group of users who will have to hit the server to operate their sites.

These webmasters buy the specific bandwidth or web hosting space in the professional server of the web hosting service company. You have no control over the shared server as it is owned by the company. However, you are allowed to host web pages as usual. Other clients are also seen opening free accounts on the same server. In return, they have to buy a premium pack to have unlimited web hosting service facility


  • Cheap prices to purchase the custom shared web hosting pack
  • Clients have no trouble to do the regular server maintenance
  • The web traffic generating process is fast
  • Online tech support on demand
  • Upgraded cPanel system for easy content management
  • Unlimited email process and regular notifications
  • Free domains for customers to registers
  • US/UK based sites download options free
  • PHP backup to build up sites
  • New add-on updates to regulate bundles of websites on androids
  • Data security is awesome
  • No spam
  • No malware
  • Least technical issues


  • Disadvantage of opting for shared web hosting includes the lack of privacy and content protection
  • Multiple websites are handled by dozen clients overseas. So, content hacking trend is frequent
  • Due to constant site visits, the hosting server may be jammed. The speed of sites loading may be low to delay your product promotion
  • No freedom to operate the server
  • Shared web hosting platform is not perfect for serious entrepreneurs

Who Uses Shared Web Hosting?

Beginners can try shared web hosting as it is cost effective. Monthly he will have to pay around $2-9 to install new web pages. Besides, small size companies, brochure publication sites, and trial e-commerce portals are benefited. They have little requirement to depend on dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting recovers the business branding speed dynamically. It is an integrated glossy infrastructure for businessmen, book publishers and webmasters to do the hassle free business management.

Comparing to shared hosting, cloud is more powerful with innovation in the sites installation and web pages uploading. On any cloud based hosting server, you can do lot of hosting tasks ranging from websites updates, content delivery, emails marketing, responsive sites décor , SEO tasks , link building, and content management as well . Unlike shared web hosting, multiple servers are connected to give a compact support system to customers. So, more benefits are waiting for clients to have access to their sites.


  • Irregular downtime
  • Highest uptime even during huge web traffic
  • Flexibility to switch servers if required to keep working smoothly
  • Data missing is prevented
  • Unlimited option to operate tons of mobile apps to tune up the sites
  • Live site maintenance support
  • Easy sites transfer from one server to other


  • Cloud hosting service is costlier than shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting is not perfect for start-up companies or beginners as they have to pay higher rental fees

Who Uses Cloud Hosting.

Right now, big retail industry, and social media network are showing deep interest to install hi-tech clouding components to host their websites. In addition, big data analytical departments, files recovery organizations feel free to use the latest cloud hosting tools.

VPS Hosting Infrastructure

Virtual private server is a smart webhosting tool for this new generation. When shared web hosting users have to be restricted to small portion of room of a single server, VPS is a combined platform for them to have unique control over the server . That means, operate a number of desktop and mobile applications on the same platform without switchover to third party server. Dedicated server is directly controlled by users to install, upload and download pages on the sites. It is not shared with others. VPS is similar to virtual box. The VPS agency gives a portion to the client to do online web hosting independently. For example, PHP, Apache and MySQL applications can be installed on a single server easily without going for the cloud computing systems. None will intervene to disturb you as RAM is protected from hacking.


  • Good stability
  • Easy on-screen site maintenance
  • In comparison to shared hosting toolkit, the VPS is more trust worthy because it helps a subscriber to do frequent changes in the content management without expanding dependency on other third party cracked apps.


  • The worst thing of VPS seems to be its cost. It is much expensive for rookies
  • Technology is complicated and newbie will have to have the proper guide from experts to deal with VPS hosting apps.

Who Uses VPS Hosting

VPS is not a job for a beginner. He will be bankrupt to be a regular member of VPS community. However, VPS is a classic tool for rich business tycoons, large scale IT companies, and social media platforms.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server is leased by the client without co-sharing the space. It is fully regulated by the client. A brand company is seen controlling the giant dedicated server to do regular web pages installation and photos update. Dedicated server has world class features for people who like to create domains for sites maintaining, and content processing. Complex dedicated server is innovative. A customer declares his legal possession over the server to complete jobs. Both hardware and virtual applications tools are in the possession of the client.


  • No risk from outsider or any unknown client to hack data
  • Content is saved from malware and spyware
  • It is self-propelled server for a single client
  • The speed in downloading the sites is high
  • Flexible site operating systems
  • Customers are not bound to display ads, cookies and junk videos of others


  • Expenses are high
  • For better online site hosting security, clients will need to install different anti-hacking apps personally. Dedicated hosting service providers will not give you backup to track applications as you are the owner of all content management tools.

Who Uses Dedicated Hosting 

If you need to launch new websites with full scale web page décor, you must select the dedicated server to have freedom. Professional website owners, affiliates, and site designers are comfy to ask for the dedicated hosting service to redefine business.

Re-seller Hosting

If you want to steer clear of paperwork and headache in meeting representatives of hosting service providers to buy any custom webhosting pack, you have another option to invest time for evaluation. In this case, someone has permitted you to enter into the allotted disk space for web page installation. It is not your dedicated server which is directly regulated by you. You have got back hard drive and space from the original third party seller who has brought the hosting pack practically. A web decoration firm, a good programmer or site developer resells his space/bandwidth to the customer.


  • Reseller web hosting service is cost efficient
  • A pre-set administration toolkit
  • Compact well managed billing support system
  • Option to distribute SSL at discounts for profit making
  • The hardware and virtual server maintenance support is given by the reseller or authorized hosting company
  • Data security is standard
  • If needed, resell your domain to another third party client


  • There is no guarantee for full fledged tech support from headquarters of the hosting agency during emergency
  • Owing to lot of customers, the reseller web hosting company is not able to correspond promptly. Therefore, technical hazards often interrupt the chain of customers who are within the control of the superior authorities of the reseller hosting service providers.

Who Uses Re-seller Hosting.

Aspirant businessmen who are not equipped with modernized web hosting materials can contact a reseller hosting agency to hire the disk, RAM and bandwidth space to create websites for hosting. Reseller webhosting companies allot disk space and hosting server on rent. The improved cPanel setting is available for a customer who gets scope to promote brand through the reseller hosting platform.

Customers have to find the best hosting service to transform their business. Novice investors must do self-pace studies to measure their requirements. For awe-inspiring business environment to work freely, it is your intuitive knowledge and cognitive power to analyze the value of all above mentioned top hosting accessories for the purpose of smarting up your e-commerce society. Reseller hosting plans, Cloud, dedicated, and VPS relocate your business in the hierarchy of top-notch global entrepreneurial consortium.

Managed hosting

Most hosting packages you’ll see on the internet will likely be handled. hosting service companies offer technical services like hardware and software installation and configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, technical assistance, patching, monitoring, and updating. With managed hosting, the supplier looks after the daily management of their hardware, operating systems, and standardized software.

Even though there are many diverse alternatives to pick from in regards to web hosting, it comes down to deciding upon a plan that satisfies your requirements. Each strategy caters to the specifications of distinct classes. You make sure you’re selecting the most appropriate method for you and your company.

Colocation provides access to high bandwidth levels compared to a standard office room at a far lower price. You are left to your own devices (literally). You will be expected to care for everything, including the hardware, applications, and solutions.

Which is right for you?

To pick from web hosting, it comes down to deciding upon a plan that satisfies your requirements. Each strategy caters to the specifications of particular classes. Understanding your needs in a site will help you make sure you’re selecting the most appropriate plan for you and your company.

The significant aspects you ought to remember while choosing a web host to comprise the kind of site you have, the tools you require, your finances, and anticipated traffic. Here’s a Fast Summary of the Benefit of each hosting:

Shared Hosting: The cheapest alternative for low traffic sites.

  • Managed Hosting: Ideal for non-technical customers who would instead defer the more specialized jobs to specialists.
  • VPS Hosting: Put this is the smartest choice for sites that have outgrown shared hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting: Works best for sites that are overgrowing and require scalable tools.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Expensive alternative for large sites where you want to be in control.
  • Colocation Hosting: The priciest option that offers you maximum control over the hardware and applications.

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