3 Essential Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce store

3 Essential Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce store 1


If you are somewhat familiar with Digital Marketing you might have heard of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies and it is also cost-effective. In fact, email marketing can fetch you more customers than a Facebook ad campaign. But how do you exactly promote your business using email marketing…?

Well, let’s dive into the details.

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    3 Essential Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce store 2
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    3 Essential Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce store 3
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Before I jump into the 3 essential email campaigns that every e-commerce store needs in 2021, I’ll explain what an email an email campaign is.

Email campaign

An email campaign is a message that you share through a bulk email to your store’s contacts. Have you ever signed up to a mailing list and automatically received an email…? Well, that’s an example of an email campaign. There are endless types of email campaigns you can create to send to your customers.

But now, I am going to tell you about 3 essential email campaigns that every e-commerce store needs to have.

1. Welcome Email

The first campaign your store needs is a warm welcome email. You can set up an email to be automatically sent to anyone who fills out a popup form on your store. You can add a popup form to your store in a few different ways.

Some email services and Shopify themes have popups built into the theme editors, so check there first. Otherwise, you can find a variety of free email popup forms on the Shopify app store. You might be wondering, what’s the point of sending a welcome email to your customers…? On average most of the emails have an open rate of 21%, while welcome emails have an open rate of 81%

3 essential Email marketing campaigns that every e-commerce store needs to have
Image Source: Oberlo.com

So, this is your chance to share your brand and your message with your audience. The more familiar someone is with your store, the more likely they will be to purchase from it. A simple and effective hack for welcome emails is to add a discount code inside. For anyone about to purchase, they’ll leave their email just to avail the discount. And for anyone who’s just browsing they will leave their email in case they want to make a purchase in the future.

Also, you can use their email to build lookalike audiences on Facebook. Their intent to purchase makes them a perfect audience to target.

2. Abandoned checkout emails

The second type of campaign which is essential to your e-commerce site is an abandoned checkout email. Statistics show that over 70% of checkouts are abandoned online. Abandoned checkout emails let you follow up and close this gap. These customers have shown that they want your product, they just need another little push.

The 11 Best Abandoned Cart Emails To Win Back Customers

You can remind your customers of what they wanted, give them an easy link back, and even offer an incentive to complete the purchase. Shopify has an automatic abandoned cart email built into the platform. In the checkout settings, you can set it to automatically send the email after a certain amount of time. Abandoned checkout email apps allow you to automate up to 3 follow up emails to your customers. Add a discount to the second or third email to really seal the sale.

3. Automatic thank you emails

The third campaign your store needs is an automatic thank you email. You might be wondering why you’d email a customer if you’ve already made a sale. First a thank you email will allow you to strengthen a personal connection with your customer. One study showed that customers are 10 times more likely to be the top revenue generators when they have good personal experiences with your business.

25 Ways to Craft a Thank You Email for Your Customers in 2020

Not only will a thank you email allows you to connect with your customers, but it will also help in getting them to return. And returning customers are vital to your store’s growth. If you only focus on acquiring new customers, you will burn through your advertising budget quickly. Customers that had a pleasant experience shopping in your store are much more likely to purchase from it again. So, thank you emails works as retargeting tools for your old customers.

If you are wondering how to write a thank you email, just keep it short and simple. Don’t forget to sign off at the end of the email with your name to show that there’s a real person behind your brand.

4. The Curation Mail

One from The Beatles. The Immaculate Collection by Madonna. Gold: Greatest Hits by Abba.

What do they have in common?

(Besides becoming the greatest of compilations? ) )

They are a few of the best selling records of all time.


Because individuals LOVE curated articles.

It is irrelevant whether it is songs or, in our situation, physical goods –people enjoy buying the very best of the very best.

It is no real surprise. Then, the curation email is a favorite among e-commerce entrepreneurs.

If you are unfamiliar with the aim, it will discuss the sufficient new assets together with all the curation emails.

That could be sharing popular material in a previous week, such as One King’s Lane will:

Or, boosting popular goods, as Huckberry does within their email:

Curating the best of their best works enables subscribers to select what they need to learn more.

It’s the reason why many sites have”begin here” webpages, and merchandise webpages are usually filtered by bestselling by default.

But there is another reason it is mighty:

It allows email marketers to section recipients according to interest.

Here’s a good illustration:

Imagine you are running an Internet furniture shop along with your newsletter curates that the Ideal furniture under these classes:

  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Storage cabinets
  • Decorative objects
  • Tables
  • Serveware
  • Additional

Suppose you are tagging readers utilizing an email service provider (ESP) such as Infusionsoft. In that case, you can start grading them according to their behavior. By way of instance, if a person ONLY clicks seating-related promotions, then it is safe to presume you could concentrate your promotional efforts associated ONLY with seats.

5. The Engagement Mail

Back from the golden era of direct response advertising, copywriter Gary Halbert was well known for minding”grabbers” such as dollar bills.


Since he had to receive his prospects’ interest.

With the regular office employee receiving as many as 122 emails daily, you must invite readers to participate with your mails if you keep observable in their email address.

While minding cryptocurrency to campaigns may not be a feasible option, it’s likely to raise involvement in different manners (and without breaking the bank).

Brooklinen, by Way of Example, promotes involvement by offering free transport:

Brooklinen understands that transport is a frequent motive for cart abandonment. So not only do they offer free transportation to readers, but they also provide them a means to trigger it. And it is smart. Brooklinen understands that people appreciate things that they need to use. And obtaining free delivery is no exception.

Campaigns such as the above not just promote involvement; it also assembles a two-way connection between Brooklinen along with their clients.

Therefore, whether you are offering free delivery or encouraging users to begin a free trial provides viewers a reason to interact with your campaigns and keep in mind making it unforgettable.

6. The Referral Mail

It is no secret that enticing clients to refer family and friends to a new one is a fantastic resource for leads.

Based on Ogilvy’s current poll, 74 percent of customers recognize the word as a key influencer in their buying decision.

With numbers such as this, it is not tough to see why manufacturers spend time establishing great referral applications.

20 Examples of Beautiful Referral Email Designs

You may already be requesting referrals in your thank you webpage (and in case you are not, you need to be more ). However, are you doing it on your email campaigns, also?

Bombas is an excellent case for requesting referrals. Not only can they provide clear directions in their email, but they also offer an incentive: a free set of socks.

Still, you have sufficient money into your promotion budget to offer you a thank you (or an Online top five).

7. The Discount Mail

Discounting is a powerful e-commerce promoting plan.

With brands such as Apuls gaining conversion speeds as large as 5.13 percent, it is not tough to see why.

One analysis by VWO discovered that 72 percent of Millennial shoppers ‘ are available to retarget through reductions.

Moreover, 54 percent of shoppers are very likely to buy abandoned goods if sold again at a discount. (More on this soon ).

Promotional Emails: 33 Examples, Ideas, Best Practices [Updated 2020]

Blue Apron, a classic meal delivery service, often offer discounts for their subscribers to lure more buys (notice the shortage to provoke the fear of falling ):

Be warned, however:

While ignoring is successful, you have to hit a balance.

Too frequently, your gains will sag; too small and you risk driving clients to a rival.

The silver lining, then, would be to provide reductions on ONLY readers that participate together with your efforts (e.g., opening mails, clicking hyperlinks, etc.).

8. The research Email

If you do not ask.

(Say it with me today.)

You do not get it.

In the same way, if you do not frequently ask your readers what they’re searching for, how do you expect to provide them exactly what they need?

Surveying your clients does more than provide valuable insights into their objectives, needs, and pain factors; it provides you with a chance to enhance your email marketing.

Most manufacturers, such as Frye, provide recipients an opportunity to win a gift certificate should they take part:

Others, such as The Ask Method Company, based on survey specialist Ryan Levesque, assert differently.

“If you have a completely free present for carrying the poll, your information will be biased toward individuals who only need the free item,” writes Levesque within his #1 nationwide bestseller, Request. “In case you do need to offer you a few personal incentives to raise your poll uptake, this incentive must be a reduction of the compensated answer to their difficulty in trade for their opinions.


I said in the introduction which email marketing is all about sequencing instead of strategy.

But there is something else that is equally significant:

Your brand’s specific voice.

I have included the emails above, not due to what they state (the backup is not what things, here). Instead, I have included them due to the way they say what they are saying.

In case you haven’t discovered your voice, nevertheless –keep looking.

Should you do and grow to be a familiar brand like these above, your email advertising will cover itself.

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