2024 Social Media Forecast: AI, Entertainment, and Platform Mastery

We are now diving deeper into 2024 and it is highly important to keep a track of the social media trends. Here are some of the latest insights to refine your social strategy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has continued to reshape the social media landscape. Accenture is expecting a revenue boost of 25 percent as it is prioritizing AI for customer service. Hence, it can be said that AI chatbots are more than just a trend.

Generative AI has sparked both excitement and skepticism. Interest in AI learning topics surged 550% in 2022 and 2023. Brands are now increasingly integrating AI. They are planning to increase it by four-fold. Gen Z is more trusting and engaged with AI content.

TikTok ban in the U.S. could disrupt social commerce. Brands relying on TikTok are now preparing to turn to other platforms like Instagram. However, maintaining a presence on multiple social networks is a daunting task. This means brands need to tailor content to the unique audiences, trends platforms. Hence, organizations are now prioritizing efforts based on return on investment (ROI). About 60% of the organizations are on Twitter/X today and only a third find it beneficial. A 7% drop in brand use has been witnessed lately. Strategic brands are now believed to focus on their top-performing channels based on ROI.

Entertainment plays a critical role in social media ROI. There is a significant disconnect between what brands post and what audiences look for. About half of the marketers publish product updates frequently. Brands need to shift focus from self-promotion to engaging as well as entertaining content. However, it does not mean to have a complete overhaul overnight. Gradual aligning of content with audience preferences is important.


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