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10 ways to drive traffic from Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the famous social media platforms with over 700 million monthly users which is far more than Twitter. Unlike Twitter in which most of the tweets are in the form of text, Instagram is more of photos and videos. It is always a good idea to communicate through visuals rather than text. So, Instagram is a great medium for promoting your business online.

But according to a survey, 95 million posts are being posted on Instagram every day…!!! So, how do you make your post stand out among those many posts…? How do you manage to drive as much traffic as you can through your Instagram account?

Here are 10 ways to drive traffic from Instagram… Let’s dive into the details.

1. Build your Instagram Business account

  • It is advisable to maintain a separate Instagram account for your business profile rather than using your personal account for the business purpose.
  • Never post any personal photos and videos or anything other than your brand.
  • Make sure that your username is the same as your brand name or at least somehow related to it.
  • Also, maintain a constant username and profile picture to make a long-lasting impression among the users.
  • Mention your website’s link in the bio.
  • Also, mention your business details in brief in the bio.
  • Try to create something viral which attracts many users.
  • Make sure that in the process of creating viral posts, don’t forget that you are allowed to post content about your brand only.
  • So, try to make something creative with your brand.
  • Also, try to use more colourful images to promote your brand rather than dark images.
  • You may think black and white images are more elegant when compared to the colour ones. But, according to a survey, colour photos receive more reach than black and white ones.

3. Make proper use of Hashtags

  • Hashtags are the best way to widen your discoverability on Instagram.
  • Search for the trending Hashtags which are suitable for your brand and use them for your promotion.
  • You can find the list of trending Hashtags in the weekly trends released by Instagram.

4. Contests and Giveaways

  • You can also conduct some contest online to attract users.
  • Make a series of posts about the contest. Don’t reveal every detail about the contest in a single post. Always reveal information post by post.
  • Also, don’t forget to post attractive photos of Giveaways which you are planning to give after the contest.
  • Also, make sure that the giveaways are worth participating for but not too costly for you to giveaway.

5. Include URL in your videos

  • It is always a better way to include a part of orally saying the URL at the end of every promotional video.
  • For example, I made a promotional video for my blog. Instead of saying, “Hey, Check out the link in the bio…!!!”, you can say, “Hey stay tuned for my blog”

6. Invest in Instagram ads

  • It is not a bad idea to invest in Instagram ads. Although Instagram ensures your post to reach most of your target users organically, you can invest in Instagram ads to make sure that you reach 100% of your target active users.

7. Create Unique Lifestyle Photos that capture your Brand culture

  • Most of the companies promote their brand through plain images showcasing their product alone.
  • But it is a better idea to create lifestyle photos that capture your brand culture.
  • For example, yours is a shoe company. Instead of posting the pics of shoes alone all the time, try to create pics of the users using your brand shoes for their morning walk.

8. Use Instagram editing tools to stand out

  • Instagram offers a wide range of filters for photos.
  • According to a survey, the photos which used appropriate Instagram filters got more user attention when compared to the normal photos.
  • Hence, it is a good idea to post your photo only if you know which filter is appropriate.

9. Write active and inviting captions

  • Master the art of writing captions for your posts.
  • Don’t ever write anything unrelated to your brand even in the captions too.
  • Try to ask some questions to the users in order to make them curious about your brand.
  • If you are going to launch a new product of your brand, ask the users to guess what it is.
  • Plan the launch very carefully such that users get curious about the product.

10. Pay attention to the statistics of your media

  • Also, keep an eye on the posts which you have posted earlier.
  • It is a good practice to find out the best time to post on your account so that most of the users interact with your posts.
  • You can do it by analyzing the previous posts on your account.
  • By checking your previous posts, you can make sure to avoid posting in genres which got negative comments in the past.

11. Add Links For Your Instagram Stories

In case you’ve got over 10K followers on Instagram along with a company account, you may use the program’s vital “swipe ” attribute.

It allows you to add a URL to some of your Instagram Stories, making it the best method to drive visitors back to your site.

Use pictures, videos, GIFs, and layout to create attention, and invite folks to swipe! On your connection.

Do not neglect to bring a prominent call-to-action to your audience to swipe as the”View More” text, which communicates in the screen’s base to signify that a connection is connected to this Story is little and can quickly go undetected.

As soon as you have the hyperlink attribute, you can get to manufacturers and also help drive traffic out of the Instagram Stories into THEIR sites for a commission or merchandise trade.

12. Consult Your Audience to Immediate Message You

Whenever I am stumped about what to write or post around, I look in my own DMs.

It is a terrific way to determine what questions people need for me. I will then reply to it and guide them to my website, my Instagram masterclass, or another appropriate resource.

Suppose I detect many folks asking the same thing. In that case, I will utilize the”swipe ” attribute in my Instagram Story to discuss the article that answers my boyfriend’s questions.

13. Boost Your Site Mobile Viewing

Nobody needs high bounce rates and no earnings. If your website isn’t optimized for cell, all your traffic-generating attempts will not get you the desired results.

I suggest, Instagram is a MOBILE platform and foremost, correct?

You do not wish to commit time generating participating Stories and expanding your viewers to 10K to get people to leave your website due to terrible UX (user experience).

Drop by your site on your telephone and double-check that it’s simple to navigate, fast to load, and simple to browse.


So,what are you waiting for…!!?? Follow these 10 steps and drive traffic to boost your business online.


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