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10 Best Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it was? Or you may have been receiving persistent calls from a particular number and want to identify the caller’s identity. In today’s digital age, several tools and websites can help you uncover the mystery behind those anonymous calls. This guide will explore the ten best sites to find out who called you from a specific phone number. These websites offer various services, from reverse phone lookup to caller identification, helping you regain control over your phone and protect your privacy.


Truecaller is a popular caller identification app that also offers a web-based service. Users can enter a phone number to reveal the caller’s identity. The platform relies on a vast database of user-contributed contact information to provide accurate results.


Whitepages is a comprehensive online directory that allows users to perform reverse phone searches. It provides information about the caller’s name, address, and more. Whitepages also offers a mobile app for on-the-go access.


Spokeo is a people search engine that can be used for reverse phone lookups. It aggregates data from various sources, including social media, public records, and more, to provide detailed information about the caller.


Intelius is a background check and public records website that offers reverse phone lookup services. It provides information about the caller’s identity, location, and more. Users can also access additional details through paid reports.


ZoSearch is an online tool that allows users to search for individuals and perform reverse phone lookups. It provides information about the caller’s name, address, and other available data.


CallerSmart is a community-driven platform that relies on user-contributed data to identify callers. Users can search for phone numbers and leave comments and feedback about their experiences with specific numbers.


AnyWho is a free online directory that offers a straightforward reverse phone lookup service. Users can enter a phone number to find the caller’s name and location.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a reverse phone lookup service that provides free basic information about the caller. Users can upgrade to a paid version for additional details.


PeopleFinders is a people search website that includes reverse phone lookup services. It offers information about the caller’s identity, location, and more.


NumLookup is an online tool that offers a simple and free reverse phone lookup service. Users can enter a phone number to retrieve the caller’s identity information.

10 Advantages of using caller identification apps

Caller identification apps offer a range of advantages that enhance your phone call experience and overall communication. Here are ten key benefits:

Identify Callers: Caller ID apps display the name and number of incoming callers, helping you recognize who is calling before answering the phone.

Avoid Spam Calls: These apps can identify spam or telemarketing calls, preventing unwanted interruptions.

Enhance Security: Caller ID apps help protect your personal information by alerting you to potential fraud or phishing calls.

Prioritize Calls: Knowing the caller’s identity lets you prioritize important calls and respond promptly.

Screen Unknown Numbers: You can ignore or send unknown numbers to voicemail, reducing interruptions.

Remember Contacts: Caller ID apps often include a feature to save or update contact information directly from the call screen.

Reduce Anxiety: Knowing who’s calling can reduce anxiety, especially when waiting for important calls.

Identify Business Calls: Caller ID apps can help professionals identify business clients or colleagues.

Block Unwanted Calls: Many apps offer call-blocking features that enable you to block specific numbers or types of calls.

Customize Settings: Caller ID apps often allow you to customize settings, such as call alerts and notifications, to suit your preferences.


Unwanted or mysterious calls can be a nuisance, but with the help of these ten best sites to find out who called you from a specific phone number, you can quickly regain control over your phone and identify callers. Whether you’re looking for a free service like Truecaller or more comprehensive options like Intelius and Spokeo, a solution fits your needs. Use these tools responsibly and respect privacy guidelines when conducting reverse phone lookups. With the right resources, you can uncover the identity of unknown callers and decide how to proceed confidently.


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